Music VaultMusic Vault II DSD ready Summer SaleMusic Vault Music Vault II  DSD ready Summer Sale Absolute Sound Editors Choice 2013This Music Vault is a trade in with 1 year warranty in black enclosure. I originally designed the Music Vault II to be the perfect compliment for the Transporter and Squeeze box. As is usual in ...1999.00

Music Vault Music Vault II DSD ready Summer Sale Absolute Sound Editors Choice 2013 [Expired]

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This Music Vault is a trade in with 1 year warranty in black enclosure. I originally designed the Music Vault II to be the perfect compliment for the Transporter and Squeeze box. As is usual in audio, I found ways to make it better. This Music Vault II not only works fabulous with any networked player like a Squeezebox or Transporter but this updated Music Vault II 2000 has it's own isolated USB 2.0 outputs which allows it to work magnificently with any USB DAC. The Transporter is limited to 24 bit 96 KHz playback but the Music Vault II's on board digital output can play any sample rate through USB, Firewire or Ethernet. Control the Music Vault II 2000 from your PC, Mac or Android device. The Music Vault II 2000 will auto rip your CDs to WAV, Flac or Aiff with its internal optical drive. The Music Vault II has a Pair of 2 TB hard drives in Raid 1 for auto Duplication of the music your rip, download from the web or copy from your friends USB hard drive. The Music Vault II 2000 has 2 TB of storage which will hold about 3000 CDs in WAV or up to 9000 in FLAC. The Music Vault II does a great job with internet radio, it can up-sample internet radio to 96K or 192k. The Music Vault II runs headless. You just connect it to your router with an Ethernet cable or you can connect it to a keyboard Mouse and Monitor and connect to your Home WiFi network, after that you won't need the Keyboard Mouse and Monitor but you can use it with them for control if you want to. The Music Vault II comes with DB Power Amp for perfect CD Rips, The Music Vault II comes with JRiver for one of the best playback experiences around. The Music Vault II comes with Logmein so I can log in remotely and help you set it up and learn to use it or support you later on if you have any questions. The newest Music Vault II is now in a newer enclosure, the same one I use for the Music Vault Diamond, you can upgrade the Music Vault II to the Music Vault Diamond later on if you want the worlds best AES/EBU digital output. The Music Vault II includes a 120 GB SSD for the Operating System and Control software providing fast and silent operation. The Music Vault II utilizes the latest Western Digital RED hard drives that are optimized for Raid applications, they track each other perfectly and make no mechanical noise. The Music Vault II now has a fan-less 400 watt power supply and fan-less Microprocessor. The Music Vault II utilizes a single 10 Hz case fan which keeps everything the optimum temperature internally, 10 Hz is in audible to the overwhelming majority of mankind. The Music Vault II incorporates 8 GB ram, Gigabit Ethernet port, wireless N WiFi. Video outputs include: HDMI, DVI and VGA 10 USB 2.0 pots 4 of them are isolated for use with a DAC, 2 USB 3.0 ports, Fire wire and eSata ports. Your Choice of Aluminum or Black Enclosure. Music Vault II 2000 has a 2 year warranty parts and labor with unlimited phone support. Did I mention it sounds fabulous? Feel Free to contact me via phone or email 720 308 4000 I am the Manufacturer and will ship anywhere in the world. Music Vault II unboxed weighs in at 27 lbs, compare that to my light weight competitors who don't include auto duplication of your music and wimpy power supplies, current rules and we have over 33 amps available. Music Vaults never become obsolete because they can always be updated to current standards. Music Vaults are accessible from anywhere in the world via the Internet. 17.25' wide/ 12.75" deep and 6" tall Please read what one of my newest MVII customers has to say. Neal: My Music Vault II has been up and running for about a week and I’ve now started ripping my old CDs. As I go along my wife and I spend time in the evening listening. I want to share our thoughts about what we are hearing and thank you for this product. In my experience, unfortunately, many purchases have not always met expectations. Your Music Vault, however, does...superbly. By way of background, I’m new to the world hi-end audio. Because my budget is limited, I’m also at the low end of the spectrum. My system is currently comprised of a Peachtree Audio Nova which includes a preamp, amp and DAC, and Kef Model 100 speakers. I use Sonos for internet radio. I also have a surround sound home theater system driven by an NAD receiver and Oppo disk player, but the Kefs are still driven through pre-outs by the Peachtree The Music Vault II is plumbed to the Peachtree and its onboard DAC, using an Audioquest Coffee USB cable. I assembled this system after careful auditioning of many pieces of equipment at a local retail store and, perhaps like many people, coming to grips with my budget. Because I was replacing a very old and very poor system, there were several steps along the way that I found truly revelatory in improving the sound quality from what I was used to. First, shifting from my computer’s ‘penny DAC’ to a higher quality DAC opened up levels of clarity, resolution and crispness that I had never heard before. Second, shifting to a better quality preamp and amp likewise moved the separation and soundstage up a big step. But frankly, although I continue to audition other much more expensive gear and I can hear improvements, I have not yet heard anything that improves the sound so much that it justifies the large expense. Stated differently, it’s not just that I’m being a critical listener...I’m cheap. It takes a lot of improvement to get me to reach for my wallet. Now that my wife and I have listened to the Music Vault I can say without hesitation, it improved the sound quality of my system another order of magnitude. I’m no engineer and not yet even a real audiophile, but I can hear. It’s wonderful to listen to music we’ve had for many years and hear so much more of it. When I first contacted you I almost pulled out because I feared this was something that only a true audiophile using extremely expensive gear could appreciate. I now know that’s not the case. In fact, it may be that the sonic improvements of using your Music Vault may even be more palpable in a modest system like mine. Indeed, the lower the quality of the CD player the more apparent the improvement will become when listening to the same CD played back from the Music Vault...not to mention how much more convenient it is to use. Add to this the delight of buying something directly from the designer/builder who walked me through every step of setting up the system, and it caps the deal. This has been my best purchase so far. Thank you very much. Best wishes. Kurt Hermanns
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