Meridian808 MK-IIMeridian 808 Reference Signature Reference CD Player. A truly wonderful sounding all in one CD Reference player rated Class A Stereophile and top rated by almost every Audio Reviewer! My HIGH...5849.00

Meridian 808 MK-II Signature / Referance CD Player!!! [Expired]

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Meridian 808 Reference Signature Reference CD Player. A truly wonderful sounding all in one CD Reference player rated Class A Stereophile and top rated by almost every Audio Reviewer! My HIGHEST recommendations... S/N# 200484. Color: Black This is the non i version. We also have listed separately a i version at a higher price. The 808 Signature Reference CD Player takes Compact Disc playback to an entirely new level, with a heritage that includes the multiple award winning 508 and 800, and two dozen optical disc players from 1984 to the present day. The 808 is specifically designed as a CD-optimised machine, able to play virtually any CD, from conventional pressings to CD-R, CD-R/W, and discs of MP3 fi les (64–256kbps). It also plays the CD layer of an SACD disc. At the heart of the 808 are fully-integrated electronics and a computer style CD/DVD-ROM drive. The drive normally operates at standard CD speed, but is capable of much faster reading, using multiple high-speed re-reads to ensure accurate recovery of data from even the most difficult disc. This capability alone provides over ten times the error correction of a conventional CD player. Digital Signal Processing: Once the digital data stream has been recovered from the disc, powerful on-board digital signal processing (DSP) with a capability of an impressive 150 MIPS (million instructions per second) up-samples the digital information from the 16-bit, 44.1kHz signal of conventional CD to a 24-bit signal with a sample rate of 176.4kHz. This signal is fed to the latest DVDAudio quality delta-sigma digital to analogue converters to drive the analogue outputs, while a digital signal at an 88.2kHz sample rate is supplied to the digital outputs. Upsampling in this way enables fi ltering to take place far beyond the range of human hearing, as well as offering other audible benefi ts, right across the audio band, for ultimate transparency from a CD source. The 808 employs a triple buffering system to minimize jitter, and therefore maximize HF transparency and stereo image precision and stability. This, and the digital electronics as a whole, are driven by a new design of high stability clocking system which further reduces jitter and ensures that the highest level of detail is recovered from a disc. All digital data is accurately re-clocked. Multiple power supplies ensure that digital and analogue circuitry are kept apart and can provide the required power when called upon to do so. Best to call David with questions in Los Angeles Showroom 310-472-8880 or on my cell after hours and weekends 310-927-2260. Weinhart Design has lots of other items new and used and if you're in Los Angeles or visiting please accept my invitation to experience our World Class Audio Showroom and please visit our web site @ We are always interested in purchasing quality Audio and Video items, CD & LP collections and most quality trades are welcomed. All sales out of California are State Sales Tax exempt. California State Sales Tax of 8.75% applies for items picked up or shipped to a California address. We accept payments by Bank Wire Transfers without fees and is the only form of payment on all sales out of the U.S. and Canada. We prefer this method of payment and also makes shipping to addresses other than billing agreeable. VISA, MC and Papal are gladly accepted within the U.S. and Canada as long as the charge is approved and shipping to the billing address on record and adds 3% to cover costs. Please call me directly in my world class showroom in Los Angeles weekdays @ 310-472-8880 or any reasonable time on my cell including weekends @ 310-927-2260 and I can answer your questions and help you with all of your new and pre owned needs.
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