Meridian Digital DSP AND Analog InputSW1600 High-Performance SubwooferMeridian Digital DSP AND Analog Input SW1600 High-Performance Subwoofer SEALED-w/Super Low ReserveWe’re Talk of the Town, located in Allendale, New Jersey. We've been in business over twenty years and have many of the best brands on display including Meridian. This SW1600 subwoofer is in glo...1200.00

Meridian Digital DSP AND Analog Input SW1600 High-Performance Subwoofer SEALED-w/Super Low Reserve [Expired]

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We’re Talk of the Town, located in Allendale, New Jersey. We've been in business over twenty years and have many of the best brands on display including Meridian. This SW1600 subwoofer is in gloss piano black and we just bought it from Meridian. This subwoofer is new-old stock. It is still factory sealed. It is not refurbished, B-stock, reconditioned, or used. It’s just an older model…and a fantastic one, also. The SW1600 is probably one of the best dozen or so subwoofers every built by any company at any price. It should be. It retailed for close to $5000 when it was made, and it would sell for a LOT more than that today, if it were still in production today, I would guess it would retail for about $6500. For that price, it SHOULD be about as good as they get…and it is. In fact, I will go further… At our low RESERVE of $1388, this is the best value in a subwoofer that we have ever had. A SUPER-BARGAIN. Best of all, it comes with the Meridian factory warranty of 2 years. The last time we had one of these for sale, it was a RECONDITIONED one, and we had a Reserve of $2488 on it, and it sold. This one is NEW, NOT RECONDITIONED, and the Reserve is over $1000 LOWER. The photos you see, and the ad copy the follows, is all from the other one of these we sold last year… This sub has an amzingly heavy, well-made sandwich cabinet (you can see the bolts on the side), a massive 12-inch woofer, and BOTH DIGITAL (24/96 converters built in) inputs for use with Meridian systems AND analog inputs. The top is real glass and very pretty against the piano black side cheeks. This woofer has no fancy port technology. Instead, it eliminates the “port noise” by eliminating the port. It’s a sealed box for tight bass. This makes it a little less sensitive, but the perfectly matched amp inside is up to the task. It has MORE than enough output for almost anyone. Anyway, Meridian is always about the QUALITY of sound. If you want the LOUDEST sub, look elsewhere and Meridian will have no hard feelings toward you. The analog inputs consist of THREE balanced and THREE unbalanced inputs. If you have a processor, you take the SUB OUT on your processor and plug it into the single MONO analog input. Use the Balanced input if your processor has the balanced output. If not, use the RCA Unbalanced input. If, on the other hand, you have a 2-channel system without subwoofer outputs, just take your extra preamp outputs and feed them into the LEFT and RIGHT stereo inputs and the subwoofer will blend the two channels. The high input impedance of the subwoofer will ensure your preamp is not stressed. Again, use the Balanced inputs if you can. Inside are TWO power supplies. One is for the digital circuits and one for the analog circuits. This way there is no interaction noise. On the rear is a level control, phase switch, crossover frequency adjustment, the stereo analog inputs, the mono analog input, the Balanced stereo analog inputs, the Balanced mono analog input, and the digital input and Meridian COMMS jacks to integrate into a full Meridian DSP system. This sub would also be PERFECT for anyone wanting a subwoofer to use in their present system, but who is also dreaming about owning a Meridian DSP system, and does not want to buy a sub now they can’t use later. It’s the best of both worlds. It comes with large feet, spikes, and even castors. The folks at Meridian would not say much about the sound of this subwoofer other than “just listen”. I did. I tried it with my British-made speakers, which I love, though they lack deep bass. Instant integration. For only the second time ever, I did not need to “fuss” with the subwoofer controls for hours to get deep, clean, tight bass. This subwoofer has that “attached to the foundation of the house” bass, completely free of any “boom” or overhang. I even put on my Chinese Drum recording, and it was not only tight and clean, but the sub simply would not be overdriven. No matter how high I set the volume on my system, the subwoofer just would not break up and distort. I suspect that if you have a pair of planar speakers and you have been looking for a subwoofer to go with them that won’t ruin the QUALITY of the bass, this sub may just be the answer. This is, without a doubt, THE BEST under $7000 sub I have ever heard. Meridian is allowing us to sell it on Audiogon with the factory 2-year warranty. Thanks, Meridian! PRICING: The RESERVE for this auction is only $1388.00. Things to know… This subwoofer comes with the Meridian 2-year warranty, but we do NOT have refunds or exchanges. We accept Paypal or all major credit cards for sales to the US. We accept Paypal ONLY for sales to Canada. We CANNOT ship this product overseas. Yes, France is overseas. We will ship to the US and CANADA ONLY. Since we have corporate offices in both states, Items sold to / shipped to within New Jersey OR New York State MUST be charged sales tax. The above words are the property of KZ Consulting and are NOT to be copied.
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