Meridian G96DH Disc Transport w/warranty and Low Reserve [Expired]

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NOTE: THIS IS NOT A CD OR DVD PLAYER. IT IS A TRANSPORT ONLY WITH NO DIGITAL-TO-ANALOG CONVERTERS BUILT IN. IT CAN PLAY CDs AND US-SOLD DVDs, BUT NOT ON ITS OWN. TO USE IT, IT MUST BE CONNECTED TO A MERIDIAN DSP SYSTEM WITH DIGITAL INPUTS, AN EXTERNAL DAC, OR PLUGGED INTO A PROCESSOR THAT HAS DIGITAL INPUTS AND ITS OWN INTERNAL DAC. THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION! We’re Talk of the Town, located in Allendale, New Jersey. We've been in business over twenty years and have many of the best brands on display including Meridian. This Meridian top-of-the-line analog preamp, the G96DH, is a factory reconditioned item that we just received from Meridian. It’s in great shape, and it comes with the Meridian 2-year warranty. It is in the optional and beautiful SILVER finish. This model is no longer made, but Meridian has granted permission for us to sell it on Audiogon with the regular factory warranty, if sold in the US or Canada. Thanks, Meridian! This is a fantastic transport, without any DAC built in. It has the newer slot-load mechanism that Meridian and I both really like. This unit has several quite small scratches on it, on the top. They are so small that my camera could not pick them up clearly. Overall it looks REALLY nice, but the top, if you look hard, is not perfect. If you are VERY, VERY fussy, you could order a new top, and then it would look as close to MINT as they come. I’m sure the winner of the auction will be VERY pleased when they see the unit. Other than those VERY small scratches, the unit looks fantastic. And we are selling it with a low reserve of $788.00. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS MODEL, DESIGNATED WITH A DH AT THE END, IS A TRANSPORT WITH ONLY DIGITAL OUTPUTS. IT IS NOT A COMPLETE CD PLAYER, SINCE IT HAS TO DIGITAL-TO-ANALOG-CONVERTER IN IT. YOU WILL NEED A SEPARATE DAC OR A HOME THEATER PROCESSOR TO USE WITH IT. This is a great opportunity; one of the most respected and best reviewed disc transports ever at HUGE savings, with the normal 2-year Meridian warranty, and Meridian’s best remote control (which no longer comes as standard). So here we go with what it’s all about… Many experts consider Meridian to be the very best brand of disc transport available. It certainly is one of the very best. This player is beautiful. Pictures to not do it justice. It has a glass top and feels like a brick, it’s so solid. The display is very classy. The remote control is about as good as it gets (backlit, learning, system-controllable). The G-Series has been a monumental success for Meridian. These components are built to the highest standards. Every aspect of their electrical and mechanical design has been re-thought. Chassis are made of heavy gauge metal. The corner pieces are made of aluminum. The inner top covers bring all the chassis sections together into a whole that is so structurally sound it feels like a brick. The final top cover is an aluminum piece with impeccable finish. The center of the top is a piece of glass. This glass has several functions. It looks beautiful. It damps the top even further, and it provides a very durable surface that stays looking like new for years. The “damping” aspect of the chassis design is worth a few more words. Although transistors (unlike tubes) are not greatly affected by vibration, many audiophiles swear that well isolated components sound better-even fully transistorized models. With that in mind, Meridian goes to great lengths to keep vibration out of the circuitry in the G-Series. There are huge rubber pads at each corner of the bottom of each component to provide an energy-absorbing, stable foundation and to protect furniture or other components underneath. They even incorporate at rubber gasket between the chassis sides and top to absorb vibration. It’s that kind of care and attention to detail in design that makes Meridian a member of the audio elite. Each Meridian component is hand crafted in Great Britain. Each product is tested from A-Z. This machine plays CDs, DVDs, and MP3 CDs discs. Its DVD-ROM drive is very high quality and can play many discs that other player “skip” on. This model will NOT play DVD-Audio discs, but few people have them, anyway. A high-speed clocking system reduces jitter for great micro-detail recovery. Multiple power supplies with tight regulation ensure the lowest noise. Meridian transports are known for the three-dimensional soundstage they present when paired with an equally up-to-the-task digital to analog converter. The operating system uses flash ROM memory so new software can be installed when required or desired from the Meridian website via a PC connected to the rear panel. This model can extract spectacular video pictures from DVDs, but it cannot play Blu-Ray discs. For that reason, the typical buyer will be using this as an ultimate-quality CD transport. What audiophiles will appreciate is that the laser assemblies in these A/V players are also often of higher precision; they need to be to play the more finely-pitched video tracks. This often translates into better ability to play older, scratched CDs. The G96DH sold for about $6500. This sample is being sold with a RESERVE of only $788.00 and with the Meridian 2-year warranty. Where in the world could you ever find a world-class CD transport this nice with a remote this cool for this price with a 2 year factory warranty? In fact, I will make this statement: There is no transport you can buy anywhere, new or used, even one that plays only CDs, for under $2500 that is as good as the G96DH. Period. Inside the carton will be the operating manual, the super-duper Meridian back-lit learning remote (it can control most other components using its built-in codes, and it learns codes), and power cord. You might wonder what the difference is between the G96DH and the G98DH. Oddly enough, the G96DH (this model) came AFTER the G98DH. Meridian took off the ability to play DVD-AUDIO discs (nobody seems to ask for it anymore) and they upgraded the transport. This new transport, which the folks at Meridian LOVE, replaces the conventional drawer and all its mechanics and belts with a felt-lined slot load that works every time and is smooth as can be. It has fewer moving parts, takes up less space, and there is no door and drawer for your kids to break off when throwing basketballs around in the house. Eventually, everyone will probably switch to this system. Things to know… This item is covered by Meridian’s 2-year parts and labor warranty. There are NO refunds or exchanges on this sale. We accept PAYPAL or major credit cards for sales to the US. We accept PAYPAL ONLY for sales to Canada. WE CAN SHIP THIS TO THE U.S. AND CANADA ONLY. WE CANNOT SHIP THIS ITEM OVERSEAS or anywhere other than the US or Canada. Since we have corporate offices in BOTH states items sold to / shipped to within New Jersey OR New York State, or picked up at the store, will be charged sales tax. The above words are the property of KZ Consulting and are NOT to be copied.
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