Meridian M80 Tabletop Music System - MINTMeridian M80  Tabletop Music System - MINT w/warranty and Low ReserveWe’re Talk of the Town, located in Allendale, New Jersey. We've been in business over twenty years and have many of the best brands on display including Meridian. This Meridian M80 is one of the ...1030.00

Meridian M80 Tabletop Music System - MINT w/warranty and Low Reserve [Expired]

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We’re Talk of the Town, located in Allendale, New Jersey. We've been in business over twenty years and have many of the best brands on display including Meridian. This Meridian M80 is one of the finest sounding compact music systems available. It contains a superior AM/FM tuner, a disc player, and bi-amplified speakers in one neat package. It also comes with a cute, little IPOD dock. There is a new version coming with AirPlay, which this version does not have, so Meridian offered to sell us the current version at a greatly reduced price, which we are passing onto you. We have BOTH the beautiful, rich CHESTNUT BROWN and the cool IVORY color available. The winner of the auction gets their choice of either of these two colors. These are new, A-stock units. They are not used, opened, or refurbished. Even better, we have Meridian’s permission to sell them with the factory warranty! The Reserve is $1388.00. The photos are stock photos, of course, since we are keeping the units factory sealed. Quite the bargain!!! Cost was not a major factor in the design of this model. The goal was simply to design the best all-in-one compact music system in existence…and the most beautiful. The result is a simple, classic “look” that will not go out of style. Let’s learn about the system itself… The M80 contains an AM/FM radio with superior reception, a great CD player, and a three-piece speaker set, all in one gorgeous package. Two full-range speakers of new design are on the front, and a true subwoofer is on the rear. Each speaker has its own amplifier, optimized for its task. By dividing the sound spectrum into BASS and MID/TREBLE at low preamp-levels, each amplifier only needs to amplify a smaller sound range. This allows the system to have more dynamic range. The M80 will play at very healthy levels in larger rooms, yet it also can play at much lower levels than comparable systems and still sound clear and rich. A total of 80 true Watts of power will fill even a large room with great sound. The sound “opens up” at surprisingly low volumes. Apartment dwellers will love the ability to hear the full sound spectrum at volumes that will not disturb neighbors. Extra inputs on the rear panel allow the F80 to connect to external sources. Most similar systems have only one external input, if that. This makes the F80 system, in actuality, an all-in-one stereo, more than a glorified table radio. Flexibility is its forte. A credit-card size remote control is included, and it works from a wide angle for ease of use. A sturdy FM “whip” antenna attaches to the rear and provides good reception. You can lower it for strong stations. If you prefer not to see the antenna, a flexible wire antenna can be hidden behind furniture. An external antenna input is also provided if you are lucky enough to have a high-performance antenna available. Both the external AND supplied antennas can be used, since there are TWO antenna inputs. When listening to the radio, you can scan up or down the dial with the push of a button. The front panel has very few buttons. This is due to great ergonomic design. The labels above the buttons CHANGE with the source you are listening to. “Station up” becomes “next track” when listening to a CD, for instance. CDs are inserted into the front, and begin playing when inserted. The loading mechanism is fast, smooth, and reliable. There is no “drawer” system to break over time. Volume is adjusted in 99 steps using a knob on the right side of the machine. The steps are tiny, so you won’t have the usual “one click is too high, the next click is too low” problem common with less expensive systems. A built-in clock and alarm allow you to use the M80 as the ultimate alarm-clock radio. The M80 not only plays CDs, it can play DVDs! Simply run a composite video or S-Video cable from the F80 to your nearby TV and enjoy movies with superior sound quality. There are TWO AUXILIARY INPUTS, one of which is regular analog (a mini jack) and the other is an optical digital input. AUX3 is for the supplied IPOD dock. An optical DIGITAL OUTPUT can be fed to a digital preamplifier or amplifier in another location. The optical output jack also serves, believe it or not, as a headphone jack! CDs, DVDs, and CD ROMs containing MP3/WMA files can be used in this machine. BluRay discs cannot be played. Repeat play is included. The fast-forward and fast-reverse buttons have multiple scan speeds. Press them once and you scan at 2X speed. Repeated pressings allow 4x, 8x, 16x, and 32x scan speed for locating a particular spot on a disc. Customizable settings are plentiful. In AUDIO SETTINGS, the amount of BASS can be adjusted up or down. Even more useful is the TILT feature, which shift the tonal character from bass-rich to brightness-rich, and anywhere in between. This will compensate for your room acoustics. Sparsely furnished rooms may sound bright and reverberant; just use the tilt DOWN feature. Rooms with heavy drapes and/or carpets may absorb the highs too much. Use the tilt “up” feature. There are settings that optimize the system for its position in your room. There are settings for TABLE, SHELF, FLOOR, CORNER, and FREE. This compensates for the fact that when a radio or speaker is placed against a surface, that surface will reflect BASS back into the room, but have little effect on higher tones, shifting the tonal balance too much toward the bass. This is a great feature, and allows for a variety of placement options without sacrificing performance. When we listen at low volumes, the human ear does not hear BASS sounds as well. That’s why most stereos have a “loudness” button. It boosts the bass at low volumes to compensate for our hearing. It usually compensates WAY TOO MUCH! The M80 has automatic, continuously variable loudness compensation. The built in electronics always monitor the output volume, and adjust the bass automatically. This is all done digitally, by the DSP engine. One of the best features of this system is that it’s ONE PIECE. In fact, there is a handle on the rear panel, and it can be carried to other rooms. The one potential disadvantage of this design is a lack of stereo separation from the speakers. This has been taken care of through an ingenious feature, compliments of its sophisticated DSP engine. The M80 has a SOUND WIDTH adjustment. When adjusted correctly (an easy thing) you will swear the speakers have been pulled several feet away from the unit, filling even larger rooms with a full-spectrum soundstage. The adjustment is there to compensate for the position of the radio and size of the room. Set it once and forget it. Very cool! Can you imagine the M80 used in an office hooked up to a computer for great sound without taking up a lot of space? The cabinet and chassis design of the M80 helps it sound as good as it does. Instead of using cabinet resonances to give the impression of more bass, the M80 is made of a very inert, energy absorbing material that Ferrari created for use in their cars. It’s made of a Barium-loaded composite material. It’s very rigid, and very well “damped”. The cabinet is designed NOT to vibrate, and the built-in true subwoofer provides the deep bass. This results in a lack of “boominess”. Voices do not sound “chesty”, as in less expensive all-in-one systems from other companies. The brightness of the display can be adjusted. I hate bright lights at night. With the M80, you won’t have to throw a T-shirt of the system to fall asleep! The display has two adjustments; one is for the display brightness when the system is on, one for when the system is off. With this feature, you can still see the display during the day, even in bright light, without having the display too bright at nighttime. This is indicative of the thoughtfulness that went into the piece’s design. If you plan to play DVDs on the M80, even the aspect ratio of the picture can be set to 4:3 or 16:9. A whip antenna, IPOD dock, power cord, manual and compact REMOTE CONTROL are all included along with the Meridian warranty. The M80 dimensions are 16 x 9 x 7 inches. Things to know… At these prices, we do NOT have refunds or exchanges, although if you experience any problems, the 2-year Meridian warranty comes into play. We accept PAYPAL or all major credit cards for sales within the US. We accept Paypal ONLY for sales to Canada. We will ship this item to the US and CANADA ONLY. We will NOT ship this item overseas. Yes, France is overseas. Since we have corporate offices in both states, items sold to / shipped to within New Jersey OR New York State will be charged sales tax. This includes if you pick your unit up at the store. The above words are the property of KZ Consulting and are NOT to be copied.
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