MesaBaronMesa Baron -Tube Power and Grace Combined"For this aural pilgrim, the Mesa Baron is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth." Chip Stern, Stereophile $2200 with both sets of output tubes (5881 & EL34) $2000 with 5...2200.00

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"For this aural pilgrim, the Mesa Baron is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth." Chip Stern, Stereophile $2200 with both sets of output tubes (5881 & EL34) $2000 with 5881 output tubes only ***buyer pays Paypal fees if using PP*** ***Feel free to call me with questions 651.246.4395*** This amp has a cult following. It is soooo powerful, yet has so many different voices. You can run it pure pentode, pure triode, or different combinations of the two (and switch on the fly). 4 different modes of feedback. AND then there's so much you can do with tube rolling. I have 5881 (6L6) outputs as well as new EL34 Wing-C. Also has user selectable input impedance as well as single-ended and balanced inputs. This amp had no problems pushing IRS Gammas, as well as my Infinity RS-1 panels (and many other speakers). Gobs of tube power for Maggies and other hard-to-drive speakers. This is a true dual-mono amp; it even has dual upgraded power cords! If you are reading this far, you already know about the Baron and want one. I bought this one from the original owner that lived near Mesa's factory. Needless to say, it's had all updates/caps/tri-tube already done to it at the factory.............. I have many pics and can email them to you if you are serious. My 6/10 rating is consistent with A-gons scale. That said, the scuffs/scratches are pretty much relegated to the front handles and 'roll bar'. They tend to take the majority of the hits on the Barons. The face itself is easily a 7 if not an 8. All in all it is very presentable with a few scratches on the protective rails. If one were interested, they could be removed and repainted matte black. All lights and meters work as they should. I have the original shipping box, so shipping this beast safely should not be an issue. The internal of the box is blown-in foam. I cannot remember if the tubes were shipped in a second box, but either way, it would be a good idea considering the minimal additional cost. The OEM manual will be included. True dual mono, fixed bias, vacuum tube push-pull Class A/B stereo power amplifier Patent-Pending Tandem State Imaging circuitry: four stages of adjustable Negative Feedback [ 0, 2, 4, 8dB ] interface with four selectable power tube configurations [ all pentode, all triode, 2/3 pentode + 1/3 triode, 2/3 triode + 1/3 pentode] to offer 16 sonic tuning options; affects soundstage depth and width, dynamics, frequency extension, timbral balance, speaker/amp interface - all variables can be adjusted during playback with a simple flip of a switch or the turn of knob. 60K or 110K input impedance [ user selectable ] 12 x 5881s output tubes, 4 x 12AX7As input/predriver tubes 55W/Ch all Triode 85 W/Ch 2/3 Triode + 1/3 Pentode 120 W/Ch 2/3 Pentode + 1/3 Triode 150 W/Ch full Pentode Separate on/off, standby and meter light switches for each channel. Dual powercords; separate power- and output transformers for each channel. Proprietary ceramic tube sockets with silver contacts. Rubber iso-mounted transformers for quiet operation. Double-sided printed circuit boards with three-ounce high- purit copper traces and glass-epoxy base with plated-thru contacts. Audiophile-grade metal film capacitors. Flying leads point-to-point soldering to switches, connectors and transformers; no "quick-connects" or push-on terminals. VU meters can be set for 150W or 15W peak to show greater deflection of needle. Meters are used to conveniently adjust bias and balance. Weight: 65 lbs / 85 lbs in box. Dimensions: 19" wide x 14.5" deep x 8.75" high (inches). "The Baron is a fantastic amplifier at a very reasonable price." Bruce Manoly, Positive Feedback "One of the best sound-for-the-dollar components in high-end audio today." Mark Block, The Audiophile Voice "Seductively sweet-sounding." John Atkinson, Stereophile "It's as close to what I'd imagine an all-valve Krell would sound like if Dan D'Agostino ever got a jones for tubes." Ken Kessler, HiFi News and Record Review "Knocking, no pounding, on state-of-the-art's door... one of the best values in Audio." Tom Miiller, The Audio Adventure "The Baron fills my sonic wish list as beautifully as I could have hoped for: Transparency, high resolution, tonal neutrality, liquid midrange, soundstage depth, extended but sweet highs, powerful yet controlled bass." Mark Block, Audiophile Voice "It's only serious competition comes from amps costing two or three times as much." Dick Olsher, FI "The Baron entered this household under the least favorable of circumstances: it followed the $ 30,000.- Audio Research Reference 600 power amplifier... That's a tough act to follow, but - even with its more earthly price, the Baron damn near stole the show!" Tom Miiller, The Audio Adventure
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