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Are you getting the maximum performance from your current audio system? Probably not if you are using typical round speaker wire or interconnect. All wires have some level of capacitance, inductance and skin effect which negatively impact the signal. Once altered, this signal can never be accurately reconstructed. MG Audio Design, LLC has developed speaker wires and interconnects which minimize each of these factors to the greatest extent practical. Our measurements for capacitance and inductance are as much as an order of magnitude less than one typically finds in round wire. The skin effect of our wire is almost non-existent. As a result, our wires alter the signal less, enabling you to hear the recording more accurately. You can better hear the artistic expression of the musician(s). You hear proper bass, deep and tight, not bloated or one-note. The midrange is detailed and open with much greater bloom from the instruments. The top end is extended and sweet. You catch the leading edge transients better along with an enhanced gradation of the micro-dynamics. The sound stage is deep and wide with a holographic presentation to the voices and instruments. Simply put, you hear more of the music. Our wires use flat copper foils for the conductors which are arranged in a proprietary geometry to maximize the performance of the wires. This results in a flat wire, thus the name Planus - Latin for flat. The basic design is over 25 years old and came about as a result of our needing to continually change the voicing of speakers when we changed speaker wire. To avoid the frequent re-voicing, we decided we would develop a speaker wire that was as neutral as possible - one that had no “sound” of its own. Over the years, people in our listening groups have often focused their attention more on our speaker wire than our speaker designs, and we have made over 30 sets of speaker wire over the years for friends and acquaintances. As a consequence, we have recently decided to make this product available to the audiophile community. Planus I, our original speaker wire, is what we consider our reference wire. Planus I will compete quite well with the most expensive wires on the market. Based on performance alone, Planus wires should be selling for thousands of dollars instead of hundreds. Planus I will easily beat wires costing 10 times as much in transparency, detail and musicality. The cost of Planus I is $12.50 per foot plus a $200 termination charge. At this price it is an incredible value. Until the StereoMojo review of our wires comes out, we are offering $50 off the list price for a pair of Planus I speaker wires. Our standard lengths come in six foot, eight foot, and ten foot pairs. For example, our normal price on a six foot pair is $350. With the discount they will cost you $300. The sale price for an eight foot pair or ten foot pair are $350 or $400 respectively. Colorado residents must also pay an additional 4.9% for sales tax. The stock Planus I speaker wire comes terminated with the combination of ¼-inch/9-mm Silver spades on one end and ¼-inch Rhodium spades on the other end. We are offering a 30-day money back return policy for anyone wanting to order one of our standard lengths and terminations. All that we request is that they be returned undamaged and that you provide honest feedback about the product. We can do custom lengths and terminations at an added cost. Custom products, however, are not covered by our 30 day return policy. Please contact us at for further information on the Planus I product or for pricing on custom lengths or terminations. You can also visit our website at for information on our other Planus products. While there, check out the comments and reviews we have received on our products. The wires used in an audio system are every bit as critical as speakers or amplifiers. At best, speakers and amplifiers can only reproduce what is fed to them. If the signal is already altered, they cannot compensate for it. Therefore, picking wires that do not significantly alter the signal is critical to a system’s ability to accurately re-create the recording. With our 30 day money back offer you have nothing to lose except the cost of shipping them back to us. Why not find out just how good your system can sound? Greg Graff COO, MG Audio Design, LLC
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