Michaelson and AustinTVA-10 EL34 ampMichaelson and Austin TVA-10 EL34 amp Tim de Paravicini (EAR) designUp for sale is a very rare (especially in the US) Michaelson and Austin TVA-10 power amplifier. This was designed by Tim de Paravicini after he returned to the UK after his Luxman stint, who is als...1200.00

Michaelson and Austin TVA-10 EL34 amp Tim de Paravicini (EAR) design [Expired]

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Up for sale is a very rare (especially in the US) Michaelson and Austin TVA-10 power amplifier. This was designed by Tim de Paravicini after he returned to the UK after his Luxman stint, who is also famous for his EAR Yoshino products. The "Michaelson" is Anthony Michaelson, who went on to start Musical Fidelity. This amp is a cult classic, and mostly unheard of in the US. After Michaelson and Austin's demise, the designs were taken over by Mentmore Industries, and Mentmore continued making TVA-10s. Mentore's line was taken over by Papworth Audio Technologies, who have further developed the designs, and are still in existence (at least a web site). I believe they can still provide things like transformers, if they are ever needed. This is a superb little amp (very heavy, not so little, has a lot of iron in the transformers!) that uses 4 EL34s, and sounds fantastic. Its been totally reliable! Till yesterday, I was using it as the tweeter amp in my system, but it is totally being wasted for that function - I got a less powerful amp for that now. About a year ago, I went through my entire system and recapped everything, including this amp, even though it did not seem to need it. But, it had the original caps in it, and I figured that its better to be safe. It is now ready for another 10 or probably 25 years of service! There is a sticker on it - in 2001 it was serviced by someone in California. Since the caps were still original, I assume they just changed tubes. At least we know its had some regular service. The amp comes with RAM EL34 tubes (I presume from the 2001 service), which look like Seimens/RFTs, and almost sound as good as Mullards. The RAM 12ax7s tested poorly, so I discarded them last year, and I have my favorite 12ax7s in the amp - Shuguang 12ax7c. Another titbit - take it for what its worth - I've read somewhere over the years, that this amp (as well as the TVA-1) had Partridge transformers. I can't find the reference now. But that might explain the wonderful sound. Other amps with Partridge OPTs trade at huge prices, for example the JH Jectron JH30. Here are the specs that Papworth listed. The Papworth amp was supposed to be identical to the M&A amp. "TVA10 Stereo Amp The TVA10 is credited as having started the tube revival in the late 1970's. It was acclaimed at the time of it's introduction as a breakthrough in Tube audio design. Although this amplifier is the baby of the range, it's imagery is superb and it's power delivery smooth and effortless even into complex loudspeaker loads. The 50 watt per channel output capability from the highly developed McIntosh circuitry linked with a nine section output transformer ensures bass control only associated with much larger amplifiers. Built to the original Tim de Paravacini design and with the uncompromising standards of reliability and finish associated with the Papworth name." www . papworthaudio . co . uk / ftva10sp . html (remove the spaces) Power Output 50W + 50W RMS Frequency Response 14Hz-25Khz (+- 0.2dB) Signal to noise ratio -95dB Total Harmonic Distortion > 0.1 % at 1kHz, 50 W Input Sensitivity 750 mV Output Impedance 4, 8 or I6 ohm Tube complement 4 x EL34 4 x ECC83 2 x ECC81 Dimensions 450mm x 210mm x 170mm Net weight 18 Kg SHIPPING WILL BE EXPENSIVE - IT IS HEAVY. PLEASE BE PREPARED TO PAY IMMEDIATELY VIA PAYPAL. ASK QUESTIONS, ESPECIALLY ABOUT SHIPPING, BEFORE COMMITTING TO BUY IT. BUYER WILL PAY ALL SHIPPING COSTS, INSURANCE, CUSTOMS CHARGES, AND RE-DELIVERY CHARGES, AND BEAR THE RISK OF SHIPPING DAMAGE.
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