Mitsubishi Wd 82840Clr Contrast panelMitsubishi Wd 82840 Clr Contrast panel lowest price-inhome warranty!DLP is 1,000 times faster then a LED LCD Panel. For those considering the new Sharp/Elite 60/70" tv's this has a better picture,larger screen and cost far less!Factory Sealed-New,with In-Home warra...2599.00

Mitsubishi Wd 82840 Clr Contrast panel lowest price-inhome warranty! [Expired]

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DLP is 1,000 times faster then a LED LCD Panel. For those considering the new Sharp/Elite 60/70" tv's this has a better picture,larger screen and cost far less!
Factory Sealed-New,with In-Home warranty
Not available in all areas Please Call to Order or with questions or concerns - (888)805-2877
We offer FULL Installation & Calibration on this baby.......have installed several into the wall looks & performs amazingly well

Big, bold, and breathtakingly beautiful

High-quality entertainment doesn't get much better than when you're watching it on the 82" Mitsubishi WD-82840 3D DLP TV. It's not just screen size that makes this DLP television one of the best around — years of concentrated technology, including a Clear Contrast screen and 120Hz sub-frame processor, that make sure the picture you want is exactly the picture you get. PerfectColor and PerfecTint technology, along with the WD82840's 6-color processor will give you breathtaking images with bright, natural colors. Finally, if there's a technology that's been better made to handle the unique demands of home 3D content, it hasn't been found yet. DLP processes 3D images more fluidly and naturally, giving you one of the best third-dimensional entertainment experiences available on one of the largest screens available.

Setting the soundbar a little bit higher…

It tends to be talked about in hushed tones, but everyone knows it: most TVs skimp on sound quality. That may be fine for other television manufacturers, but Mitsubishi thinks you should enjoy a little audio with your picture (unless you're a big fan of watching the 24-hour mime channel). They've built a 16-channel, 32W soundbar directly into the 82840 to provide immersive sound for viewing your favorite movies, television shows, and games.

It's not witchcraft . . . it's VUDU (online streaming!)

If there's any rival to the 3D home theater revolution, it's the emergence of online streaming directly to your HDTV. And entering the arena with ferocity, Mitsubishi presents StreamTV Internet Media technology featuring VUDU Apps. Simply connect the WD-82840 to your pre-existing broadband internet service using this HDTV's built-in ethernet port, and you can begin streaming a diverse offering of online content directly into your home theater. Lose yourself in one of the 3,000+ HD movies available via VUDU Movies. Listen to a custom internet radio station with Pandora. Browse photo albums on Picasa or Flickr. Stay informed via news from sources like The New York Times, the Associated Press, or NBC Nightly News. You can even enjoy popular video podcasts on Revision3 and DiggNation. StreamTV with VUDU Apps may not be witchcraft, but it sure feels like magic.

Comparison Specifications
•Screen size: 92"
•Display type: rear-projection DLP
•Aspect ratio: 16:9, 1920 x 1080p
•Lamp: 156/180W modes
•3D-display capability
•Inputs: 4 HDMI / component/composite input (combined) / antenna in / LAN input / 2 USB / center channel input
•Outputs: digital coaxial out / L/R audio or surround output / subwoofer output
•Remote control included
•Screen: Clear Contrast screen with PerfectColor™ and PerfecTint™

Additional Specifications
•Audio system: 2W x 16-channel built-in sound bar with surround sound pre-outs
•Sound leveler (dynamic limiter)
•Video modes: brilliant, bright, natural, game
•iPhone, iPad, and iPad touch remote control app available
•VUDU streaming apps / Bluetooth A2DP audio streaming
•Power consumption: 216W (home mode default) / 0.93W (standby mode)
•ISFccc advanced video adjustments capable
•120Hz Sub-frame rate
•6-color processor

Dimensional Specifications
•Dimensions: 81.9" W x 54.9" H x 25" D
•Weight: 194.3 lbs.
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