Monitor AudioGold GX 150CPiano Black in color. Exceptional Detail and Intelligibility Monitor Audio's ultra-compact Gold-series GXC150 center speaker is small enough to fit into most AV racks however it is designed t...500.00

Monitor Audio Gold GX 150C 2 1/2 - Way Center Speaker [Expired]

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Piano Black in color. Exceptional Detail and Intelligibility Monitor Audio's ultra-compact Gold-series GXC150 center speaker is small enough to fit into most AV racks however it is designed to match the any GX speakers in a home theater set up. It shares its tonal characteristics with all GX models and its capabilities are also compatible with any GX system design. The GXC 150’s lustrous sealed cabinet is home to twin 5.5” drivers and the GX ribbon high frequency driver in a two-and-a-half-way configuration, providing superior dispersion across a range from 55 Hz to 60 kHz. The specialized high frequency ribbon offers exceptional detail and vocal intelligibility, enhancing communication with you whether you're enjoying movies or multi-channel music. Proprietary Ribbon Transducer Monitor Audio invests much of its design energy in the refinement of proprietary drive units. As the engines of sound they transform myriad electrical impulses into the wide, vividly accurate audio canvas that distinguishes Monitor Audio from its rivals. The critical GX elements are based on the ground-breaking Platinum drivers, developed from decades of expertise and meticulous fine-tuning. The amazing GX ribbon is derived from the globally acclaimed Platinum C-CAM ribbon transducer. Its fabulously efficient wideband design operates at the velocity of the fastest natural sounds, reproducing the entire harmonic spectrum of every note at frequencies way beyond the audible threshold. The range of this extraordinary driver is such that you will experience the authentic tonal character of the highest sounds, as well as the inherent nature of the mid-band vocal region to which the ear is most sensitively tuned. Advanced Bass Drivers Having perfected the reproduction of high frequencies and their harmonics, Monitor Audio's engineers were presented with the challenge of integrating the mid and bass fundamentals with the same degree of accuracy. The company turned to critical computer-driven FEA (Finite Element Analysis) tools to optimize the behavior of the GX bass and mid-driver motors, selecting large voice-coils, powerful magnet structures and rigid, vented die-cast driver chassis to power their ultra-sophisticated ribbed RST C-CAM cones with the precision of a finely- engineered piston. Monitor Audio's definitive C-CAM alloy blends the exceptional properties of aluminum and magnesium to form an ultra light but ultra-strong radiating surface, responsive to the smallest impulse and resistant to the bending forces of the most explosive transients. The C-CAM driver diaphragms are strengthened further with RST ribbing to create the greatest rigidity for the lowest mass. This means that in action, GX drivers will deliver a vivid cadence of uniformly clear audio from the lowest note to the crossover with the GX ribbon. Specialized Crossovers Crossover components are critical. They directs the incoming frequencies to their respective drivers, so they're the subject of sustained engineering TLC. Monitor Audio's engineers used decades of experience, including their ears, to hand pick and trial each component, listening to hundreds of permutations before finding perfection. For optimum isolation, individual driver crossovers are mounted on a dedicated panel accessible from the underside of each speaker. The adjacent GX speaker terminals are gold plated to maintain signal integrity and contact reliability from the source to the crossovers. All GX speakers are wired internally with specialized PureflowSilver cable. The Perfect Cabinet For the drivers to achieve their full potential they need to operate in an environment as carefully specified and designed as the drivers themselves. Each GX enclosure is hand-built from multiple laminations of MDF. Its rigid and curved nature, aided by radial internal braces and bolt-through driver fixings, inhibits unwanted vibrations and internal standing waves to the extent that all you hear is the pure sound from the drivers. For added stability the die-cast alloy base plinths of the floor-standing models and the dedicated GX speaker stand provide a solid foundation for superior acoustics, enhanced by hand-milled spikes. Non-slip rubber pads are supplied to protect wood floors. Gorgeous Design Aesthetics Working within the parameters set by our acoustic engineers, Monitor Audio's in-house industrial design team was charged with finding a blend of materials and geometry that would complement the exceptional GX sound. The shimmering finishes that envelop the sensationally slender GX design are a testament to the team's success. A mirror-like luster from every surface reflects the love and care invested in its evolution: beneath the piano sheen are eleven layers of lacquer, built-up individually to achieve the luxurious depth of finish. Once assembled the real-wood cabinets are hand-veneered to ensure absolute precision in the joinery and in the grain matching between each pair. And to accentuate the clean GX styling all seven models feature the latest 'floating' magnetic grilles.
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