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Amphion Ion Loudspeakers. Bookshelf. Demos in Black and silver [Expired]

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Some of the finest products built in America & Europe, combined with the finest service and know how and expert setup from Electrical power to the finest Audio stands, electronics speakers turntables and streaming. We stock, install and configure Roon and MQA. 
Selling a demo Amphion ION in black or Silver 1 pair

Works great with REL subwoofers. 

The T5i at $699.00 is a great match. 
We stock the Rel sub woofer also! 

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The high end is by and large a specialty market driven by enthusiasts—enthusiasts who don’t know the meaning of the word compromise. But what about the audio buff who doesn’t want to set his sights lower, only smaller? The answer just might come in the form of the $1350 Amphion Ion from Finland. On the surface of its black or arctic-white enclosure the Ion may appear to be nothing more than a well crafted, size-challenged two-way, but its performance is nothing less than “grown-up.” Here’s what I mean. In terms of tonal balance the Ion plays it straight, with a poised midrange and a refinement that gripped my attention like few mini speakers I’ve reviewed. Amphion hasn’t hijacked the treble balance to emphasize speed and detail, nor tweaked the port tuning to boost a narrow band of upperbass frequencies to suggest true bass. These dubious choices make for a good impulse buy, but in the long run they’ll wear on you like a bad suit. In the Ion’s case, refinement takes its cues from an inert enclosure, uncolored drivers, and clean execution. Amphion’s design philosophy centers on the fruit of over five years of R&D and is known as Uniformly Directive Diffusion (U/D/D). The principle is based on maintaining the natural balance of ambient/reflected information vis-à-vis the direct sound, as well as ensuring a linear spectral roll-off into the room. U/D/D is incorporated in all Amphion models, with the premium Xenon and Krypton units receiving “hypercardioid” advancements said to virtually eliminate reflections from the back and the sides of the speakers. Amphion also argues for the superiority of lower tweeter crossover points, below the presence range where human hearing is at its most sensitive. For the Ion that point is set at 1.6kHz. Amphion believes that the tweeter—typically the driver with the lowest mass—when operating predominantly alone will produce the faster and more transparent sound in this range. While it’s well known that running a tweeter this low can raise some red flags—among them, directivity anomalies, reduced output, and increased dynamic compression—Amphion has addressed these issues, and quite successfully I think by recessing a larger 1" titanium tweeter in a very shallow throat, and scalloping a baffle waveguide. Both act as gain-loading devices, with the waveguide optimizing dispersion in accordance with U/D/D imperatives. I was wrong in assuming that these devices might make hornloading artifacts an issue; even a powerful mezzo like Audra McDonald singing the Neil Young tune “My Heart” on Build A Bridge [Nonesuch] came across smoothly, in harmonious voice unbroken by any narrow-band shoutiness. The Ion’s are small-room specialists and thus shine in a listening space (like mine), where its low frequencies can receive the wall reinforcement required to balance its lighter native tonal balance. For my tastes, I settled on a distance of about eighteen inches from the back wall, which is where I began getting some genuine kick out of a kick drum and midbass pop out of electric bass. Acoustic instruments like bass viols seemed to breathe easier, and deep-water baritones like Tom Waits and Bryn Terfel projected sound that was more centered in their chests. Height and a small degree of toein are equally important for the Ions to convey what they’re capable of. Sturdy stands in the 30"-high range aligned the center point of the drivers with my ears and turned out to be ideal at my listening position. You’ll know it when you hear it—the drivers will speak with one voice and image focus will snap to attention. However, for those seeking true bass there is no alternative than to subwoof the Ions. And if you’ve got the dough, a musically evolved sub, like one of the smaller RELs, makes for a perfect dance partner.


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