Bowers and WilkinsHTM-4S BlackBELOW BOOK VALUE. B&W HTM-4S center channel. Good condition. 2nd owner, purchased in 2012. 7/10 on Audiogon's condition scale. Black ash finish. Drivers are 9/10, like new, sound quality ...848.00

Bowers and Wilkins HTM-4S Black center channel BW Bower Wilkins B&W BELOW BOOK [Expired]

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BELOW BOOK VALUE.  B&W HTM-4S center channel.  Good condition.  2nd owner, purchased in 2012.  7/10 on Audiogon's condition scale.  Black ash finish.  Drivers are 9/10, like new, sound quality is excellent.  Top of cabinet (see pictures) has some clear/transparent glue, I think, on the tweeter housing, and cabinet in two places.  Not at all noticeable from any sort of distance away, but just didn't want any surprises to the buyer.  The flaws on top never bothered me, nor did it stop me from buying this excellent center channel four years ago.  Sounds like new, cabinet in very good condition otherwise.  While I do not have the original box, it is well packaged in a nice Elac box.  I have over a decade of 100% positive feedback and am a very fast shipper.  


The HTM4S is the smallest of the centre speakers in the 

range and is effectively an 805S with a different aspect 

and the added feature of magnetic shielding. It is therefore 

the ideal centre speaker when assembling a high quality, 

yet compact home theatre system with the 805S looking 

after the left and right channels. 

The 165mm (6.5 in) woven Kevlar® cone bass / midrange 

driver features B&W’s Balanced Drive for incredibly low 

midrange harmonic distortion. When you’re listening to 

complex musical passages, or to dialogue amongst the 

background noise of an action movie, this is an essential 


The complementary FS-HTM floor stand provides the 

ideal support for the HTM4S, offering three tilt positions.


2-way vented-box system

Nominal Impedance: 

8Ω (minimum 2.6Ω)

Frequency Range: 

-6dB at 42Hz and 50kHz


H 279mm W 486mm D 287mm

H 11” W 19.1” D 11.3”

Frequency Response: 

49Hz – 22kHz ±3dB 

on reference axis


12.5 kg / 27 lbs.


88dB spl (2.83V, 1m)


Black Ash

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