Gallo AcousticsStrada ReferenceGallo Acoustics Strada Reference with Mapleshade StandsPierre Sprey's reference speakers in his Mapleshade studios. These are the Gallo Strada Reference speakers mounted on 4" thick especially designed solid maple stands with thick carpet brass footer...1000.00

Gallo Acoustics Strada Reference with Mapleshade Stands [Expired]

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These are Strada Reference v1

Pierre Sprey's reference speakers in his Mapleshade studios.  These are the Gallo Strada Reference speakers mounted on 4" thick especially designed solid maple stands with thick carpet brass footers. These speakers disappear, projecting a huge sound stage.   Read full description here-> Gallo Stradas With Upgrade Stands

Quoting from Mapleshade's catalog:

"Mounted on their factory stands, either the Gallo table mount or floor mount, the Strada sounds excellent—but far from its true potential and definitely in need of subwoofer help. Mounted on our Strada Upgrade Stand, the speaker sets the absolute reference standard for small speakers regardless of price—and makes the purchase of any floor stander, even the megabuck speakers, questionable. With the Upgrade Stand, treble and midrange improve to a breathtaking level of clarity and warmth. Bass extension and bass punch improve to the point where the use of a subwoofer becomes an option, not a necessity.
The idea of the Strada Upgrade Stand is to adapt our low, on-the-floor mounting approach-Mapleshade’s highly successful Bedrock concept for small box speakers-to the special mounting geometry of the Strada. Briefly summarized, the physics of the low mounting approach are: 

• The highly rigid and massive maple platform and brass footer mounting drains sound-muddying vibrations out of the Strada’s enclosure into the floor far more effectively and cleanly than any tall stand. The improvement in warmth and midrange detail over metal stands, particularly hollow tubing stands, is striking.

• Mounting the Strada’s mid/woofers close to the floor eliminates the sound-thinning mid and upper bass suckout caused by high-mounted woofers (the famous Allison effect). It also provides a 3-db acoustic boundary reinforcement from the lowest bass upwards.

• The direct, rigid coupling to the floor lets the Strada drive the floor at bottom octave frequencies, thereby greatly increasing the bass radiating area.

• Lastly, the Upgrade Stand’s tiltback has been set, by ear, to time align perfectly the leading edge attacks of the tweeter and woofer.

The Strada Upgrade Stand adapts the Bedrock low mounting concept by the following design changes:

• The Strada is attached rigidly to a 4 inch maple mounting column using two brass bolts clamping the column to the back of the Strada using the original threaded mounting holes already in the Strada. Four miniature brass cones couple the Strada’s back to the column, to ensure clean, efficient draining of vibrational energy into the column-and to avoid the sound-muddying effects of large area, flat-to-flat contact between speaker back and column.

• The front face of the column is set to the optimum tiltback angle for a seated listener at normal chair height at 8 feet or for a listener at 5 feet on a low easy chair or sofa. 

• The column couples to the maple platform base via four more miniature brass mini-points (for the same clean energy transfer reasons) and is pulled tight against the base by a long brass screw coming up from the bottom of the platform and screwing into the column base from below.

• The platform, like the Bedrock, is shaped and beveled to minimize reflections of the Strada’s downward-dispersed wave fronts off the front of the platform."

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