Harbeth P3ESRnewHarbeth  P3ESR Monitor Speakers with FREE SHIPPING!East End Hi-Fi is an authorized dealer for Harbeth, and is selling a brand new pair of one of the most highly regarded mini-monitors of all time! The Harbeth P3ESR's have a history of awards too l...1999.00

Harbeth P3ESR Monitor Speakers with FREE SHIPPING! [Expired]

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East End Hi-Fi is an authorized dealer for Harbeth, and is selling a brand new pair of one of the most highly regarded mini-monitors of all time!  The Harbeth P3ESR's have a history of awards too long to mention.  These classic BBC speakers are available in Cherry (priced here), Rosewood, Eucalyptus, or Black Ash. 

TAS 2015 Editor's Choice award winner.
Stereophile 2015 Recommended Component.

The EAR said of the P3ESR's:
"I like the incredible stereo image, the speed they often have on offer, the low distortion of a sealed cabinet and forgive them the limited low end. Let me tell you, the Harbeth P3ESR knows every trick in the book to make the listener accept its small size, because they sound a lot bigger than they are. Harbeths are well known for their midrange performance and Alan Shaw has preserved the quality of the larger models is this speaker. Voices are truly excellent and an instrument like a piano is reproduced in an amazing way."

"Yes the P3ESR should be considered a musical instrument and instruments never come cheap. They are worth every single dollar, pound or euro."

The HiFi Zine said:

"It is difficult to sum up what the P3ESR can do in typical audiophile terms because in a way (to put it most simply) they offer the cleanest window onto the music that I have had the pleasure of ever hearing from a small speaker."
"These tiny speakers offered room filling sound that clearly benefited from the improved upstream electronics (PS Audio PWT/PWD combo, SMcAudio VRE-1 preamp and Spectron Monoblocks), revealing detail, timbre and resolution up there with the best I’ve heard. "For those who tell you that these little monitors do not deliver bass below a certain frequency I say stop listening to Hertz and start listening to music."

"If someone told me now that I had $2k to spend on speakers and I would have to live with my choice for years without chance of exchange, I’d buy these Harbeths on the spot."

Whether it's Classical, Jazz, or other genres, the Harbeth speakers perform mightily. For interested parties in the Long Island area, please visit East End Hi-Fi for a demo. We will help you transform your CD/LP collection back into music again!!

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