CanalisAnima CSusedCanalis Anima CS Hi quality Monitors with standsAsk us about 6 MONTHS NO PAYMENTS or INTEREST thru PayPalI have a very clean trade-in pair of Cinnamon Canalis Anima CS monitors with their matching stands. The speakers are rated 8/10 because o...1499.00

Canalis Anima CS Hi quality Monitors with stands [Expired]

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   Ask us about 6 MONTHS NO PAYMENTS or INTEREST thru PayPal

I have a very clean trade-in pair of Cinnamon Canalis Anima CS monitors with their matching stands. The speakers are rated 8/10 because of a little light area on the face that is probably from the factory. The stands are 5/10 or 6/10 as per the photos and any woodworker could repair the marks for under $200.00

The Canalis Anima CS is a tricked-out Anima with a ¾"-thick bottom plate of solid stainless steel and upgraded crossover parts.The Anima's CS's driver complement consists of a ¾" hybrid tweeter that combines a textile surround with a metal dome and is used in all Canalis models, and a 5" anodized aluminum-cone woofer. The Anima measures 16" H by 10" W by 10.5" D and weighs 14 lbs. Its front panel tilts back at an angle of about 9°. High-quality Eichmann terminals permit single-wiring only.
The CS version incorporates a number of special noise-reduction treatments (i.e.: Balanced Force Design) and custom parts. The first is a ¾ inch stainless steel base. The significant mass of the stainless steel base, added to the rigid bamboo cabinet, provides a nearly immovable baffle for the speaker drivers. It is also a low vibration platform where the Anima CS crossover is mounted using a floating and decoupled suspension system.

The CS crossover contains only the finest capacitors and hand built low-frequency inductors designed by audio engineer Brian Daley. These are the details that create the low distortion, three-dimensional, high dynamic presentation of the Anima CS. The improved bass extension, clarity and transient response this maximized crossover yields led Allen Perkins to comment that these loudspeakers are not delicate-sounding, but rather deeply nuanced.

These are superb monitors but a little pricey at their $6,000 retail. They are a great deal at only $1499.00 a pair for our New Years deal.

Full Info on the speaker is available at:

Speaker type - 2-way, Bass Reflex, Rear Port

Cabinet material - 3ply, Cross-Grain, Vertical-Core MAO Bamboo, bonded with environmentally friendly NAUF glue.

Base - 3/4 Stainless Steel hard mounted to the bamboo cabinet to provide significant mass loading for energy dissipation. Three 1/4 - 20 threaded holes for mounting to speaker stand.

Drivers - Woofer: Seas 5 Ceramic layered Aluminum Cone woofer. Low mass aluminum voice coil for transient speed and long throw, 20mm cone travel.

Tweeter: Seas 3/4 High Definition aluminum/magnesium cone. Wide surround for extended low frequency linearity. Coil and windings are optimized for low compression at high power transient peaks.

Internal wiring - Proprietary Spiral Groove GrooveLine micro-litz wire for all audio signals. Single wire connection, Eichmann Bullet Plug Binding Posts.

Crossover - 18 dB Transitional filter. Linear phase, minimal group delay.

Proprietary Joachim Gerhard DC-Module minimizes baffle step interaction due to cabinet size. Decoupled mounting technique for isolation from cabinet and driver energy. Teflon capacitors and custom designed and wound Spiral Groove woofer coil.

Impedance - 8 Ohms
Efficiency - 86 dB
Power handling - 120 W
Frequency response - 44Hz - 33kHz (-3dB)
Crossover Freq. 1.9kHz
Dimensions - 16 H x 10 W x 10.5 D (40.6cm H x 25.4cm W x 26.7cm D)
Weight - 48 lbs. pr. (21.8 kg pr.)
Price - $6,000 per pair
Finishes - Cinnamon,

We will have these packed professionally by UPS and guarantee they arrive as advertised.

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