Introducing "SS7"(ScanSpeak 7" + AMT ribbon)Introducing "SS7" (ScanSpeak 7" + AMT ribbon) New concept loudspeakers.Model “SS7” Cabinet size: 17"h x 10"w x 12.5"d. ($2400), Model SB5 ($1200) - Best ScanSpeak 7" Revelator (18W/4531G) Woofer. - Correct time alignment for amazing Air Motion Transformer tweete...1000.00

Introducing "SS7" (ScanSpeak 7" + AMT ribbon) New concept loudspeakers. [Expired]

no longer for sale

Model “SS7” Cabinet size: 17"h x 10"w x 12.5"d. ($2400), Model SB5 ($1200)

- Best ScanSpeak 7" Revelator (18W/4531G) Woofer.
- Correct time alignment for amazing Air Motion Transformer tweeters & woofers.
- Nordost internal cables.
- High quality x-over parts for best sound.
- SS7 is more than 92db. SE tube amp friendly!

- New concept sound wave pole.

........Regular/conventional speaker creates its own turbulence and makes grainy sound. SS7's soundwave POLE reduces crash of sounds and generates musical, clear, transparent, smooth, palpable, super detail, never boring, and solid images you have never heard before. Look at drawing! Perfect mid range voice! Musical and clean highs!

The balance between high freq. (tweeter) and low freq.(woofer) is easily achieved for your taste. Easy customization of sounds for different rooms and conditions. "Your last speakers!"

The sound dampers can be installed the other side of pole (closed to speaker) for less visibility.

Soundwave pole helps to perceive the focus point for best sound stage and image.

The hi-end sound stage and images are produced by delicate balance between your imagination(20%), a good room(40%) and stereo components(40%). The audio listening room is that important that the good room is very hard to get and expensive to make. The balance between 3 elements is very fragile and changes every hours with the condition of your body and brain, electrical condition, surrounding noise, even temperature, etc! You can't musically satisfied with ever changing sounds. That's why you want to upgrade your gears always.

SB5 doesn't need your imagination or the good room! SB5's sound is vivid (still not hurting your ears!) and musical that your brain doesn't need to work. You will get every detail and images without effort. Music listening is pleasant and enjoyable! My speakers will do that for you!

The sound travel 1000ft/sec. The length of your room is 15ft~25ft. Every sounds started from speakers bounce off from walls and hit your ears more than 10 times(appx. 2/5th sec.) from every directions while you try to hear new sounds from speakers. Your brain perceives all these sounds. And it makes sick and tired. Music listening should be pleasant. Does your sound system make you refreshed after listening music or movie? My speakers do that!

Soundwave guide pole will reduce unwanted bounced sounds from speaker cabinets and walls. With our speakers the music and sound (together) are much more enjoyable without hurting your ears and brain. In fact, I fall asleep very easily (almost always) while listening music after starting to listen for 10 ~ 20 min in the moderately loud music. When you wake up from sleep 5 ~ 10min later, I am very much refreshed! My ears are even happier without hurting! I am sure you will too!

Conventional speakers sound wave form (before the sound starts to bounce from wall.)

SB5 sound wave form.

Model "SB5" = Much better than SS7(in my opinion.) tighter and clear mid range voice. Better low freq. details. 5" woofer is very easy to drive! Nordost internal cables. more than $92 db. Small foot print, big sound! Don't need for large speaker for a big sound. 12"h x 7.5"w x 10"d.

There are few color choices for Soundwave horns. The decoration rope can be easily separate from Soundwave horn. The pole can be painted any color to match with color of speaker cone.

"True integration of hi-end stereo and home theater system!" Our speakers sound better with a powered sub-woofer. Cheap or expensive! They are all enjoyable with our speakers. With other speakers high and mid freq. washed off with boomy sound of sub. Our speaker doesn't washed off like others. Better the sub, better the sound! But cheap boomy one is OK. This makes a true home theater and hi-end sound system integration! Your receiver in home theater system will sound like world class stereo system! I promise!

Made in Cal., USA.

** Free demo in your home for Los Angeles, CA. members! We'll bring speakers to your home for free demo. No charge! let's compare your speakers and SB5. Or you can bring your speakers to our studio to compare with "SS7".

Worth the driving! Every visitor will receive an audiophile CD.
If you've heard better sounding speakers (than our speakers) from anywhere (even CES), I'll pay you $10.
Trust your ears! Listen "SS7" and find what you've been missing!
No purchase necessary! No pressure! Let's get together and have a FUN!
E-mail for an audition at near Los Angeles Convention Center.

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