JBL4350BJBL 4350B Surprise your spouse and  amaze your friendsThis pair of JBL 4350B’s came from a famous Las Vegas Hotel’s Showroom. They were just nicely refurbished inside and out! 2405 UHF Slot Tweeters have new Diaphragms. 2231H Woofers were re-coned in...7500.00

JBL 4350B Surprise your spouse and amaze your friends [Expired]

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This pair of JBL 4350B’s came from a famous Las Vegas Hotel’s Showroom. They were just nicely refurbished inside and out!

 2405 UHF Slot Tweeters have new Diaphragms.

 2231H Woofers were re-coned in Tokyo, Japan by Kenrick Sound, the World’s best JBL speaker System restorer (jbl43.com) with an improved leatherette type Surround for better durability and significantly longer life.

 All new speaker mounting hardware was used and both of the internal passive Crossovers have had most of the Capacitors replaced with higher grade ones.

 Each cabinet’s baffle panels and backs have been re-painted to restore the color.

 Walnut exterior was restored in the original oil finish.

 Finally the set was Tested and Re-Tested to confirm that they are performing optimally!

some more details ... 

ALL the parts are the correct parts ...  nothing was spared on this restore - my plan was to keep them for myself, but there too frigging big for my space..  your chance for the biggest, baddest - extreme top of the JBL Studio Line  - - -   Ladies surprise your spouse,  Gentlemen amaze your friends and piss of the neighbors. - they are by far the loudest most accurate speakers created. A modern equivalent from Lakeside Audio sell for $45,000 a pair -- yes that what these cost new today.. 

Grilles .. gone.. they don't exist and I haven been able to find a pair available on planet earth,  I will be happy to make customs for you..  which is what I do for most of my rebuilds.. I prefer the look of the stuff used with professional musical amps from Fender, Vox, Marshal to the blah browns that most speakers came with.

the base (its really the OEM foot) I have 1.. the other was lost over time (removed when these where hung) - its in fine shape but its nothing more than a 2x4 ripped down to 3" and painted black..  I have 8 - 7" solid walnut legs (I will include and or install if you want) these would look sharp.

Included is all the hanging irons and hardware if you want to hang these 260 pound monsters..  I removed them for aesthetic reasons (i planned on using these in portrait orientation).

The front face of the JBL 4350b is covered in tabs of velcro from the factory for the mid horn lens and grilles ...  depending on placement most people (like myself) choose not to use the lens and since there are no grilles.. I removed all the velcro and cleaned up the faces...  the Lens are included you can choose to use them or not.. they simply attach with velcro. - the factory Lens are included

JBL design the nameplate covers 2 screws that must be removed to service the crossover (bad design feature) - hence why most of the OEM nameplates are a mangled mess - I will include the bent up OEM plate,  also i will include 2 brand new reproduction plates made with the correctly stamped serial numbers.. the photo shows them with the protective clear plastic film on them.

These are heavy - 260 pounds each ..  hence why this post is Local Pickup - BUT,  I can ship them at your additional cost to where ever we have a company called Craters and Freighters and they will handle it. (call them get a price from Las Vegas to you weight will be about 550 pounds on the pallet.

I will deliver locally with a couple of men that can move the monsters..  we can talk about that after.

yes they are expensive  - after purchase I will let you come and hear them, if your not blown away I will refund your money...  don't like them at home.. I can refund your money within 1 week, you will have to cover all expenses to return them to me.

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