LSA.5 BlackLSA .5 Black New monitors-Now Direct-SAVE 60%Underwood Hifi is now the owner of LSA and selling products directly from the factory. We have bought the company to take the line factory direct and remove the dealer and distributor profits. This...399.00

LSA .5 Black New monitors-Now Direct-SAVE 60% [Expired]

no longer for sale

Underwood Hifi is now the owner of LSA and selling products directly from the factory. We have bought the company to take the line factory direct and remove the dealer and distributor profits. This will allow is to take these high value speakers and lower the price significantly offering tremendous values. All speakers will continue with the 5 year factory warranty.

This LSA.5 is a case in point. They are a $1000.00 pair of speakers and we have them in the black for $399.00 and the beautiful Rosewood for only $449.00 a pair. This is a heavily braced  22 pound speaker (each) not the typical 12 pounds a pair speaker you get at near this cost.

We also have a very nice package deal with the $700.00 Sumiko S5 powered subwoofer for only $849.00 in black or $899.00 with the Rosewood .5's. This is a $1,700.00 retail package and superb at anywhere near this price.

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The LSA .5 monitor was our favorite small reasonably priced monitor when we sold them at $699.00. At the new Internet Direct price of $399.00 or $449.00 they are a an even better value and untouched in a small monitor at the price.
The first review summed up with the following: "At $799, the LSA.5’s sound better than they have any right to. Their most endearing qualities are that they can draw you into the music and you can listen all afternoon without fatigue. Precise imaging and smooth, but extended, treble provide all the detail that is in the recording without emphasizing it. For acoustic music I can’t imagine you doing better without spending serious coin. Both you and your significant other will be crazy about the way they look too, particularly if you spring for the dedicated stands. The LSA.5’s prove that you don’t have to spend a fortune for high-end sound. Unhesitatingly recommended"
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The .5 just gets it right and is musically engaging while offering exceptional imaging and very good dynamics for a speaker of its size. It is available in the beautiful rosewood or black finishes. The LSA.5 is a smaller version of the $1300.00 LSA-1 that has received many great reviews. It is in a smaller enclosure and uses a 5.25" woofer in place of the 6.5" woofer of the larger LSA-1. It uses front ports so placement close to the wall is possible. The 1" fabric dome tweeter is extended without being bright.

Connectivity: Single Wire Binding Posts
Enclosure: Open Back Tweeter: 1" Fabric Dome
Mid-bass: 5 1/4" Treated Paper
Frequency Response: 50 - 20K Hz
Crossover Point: 3K
Impedance: 6Ω
Efficiency: 89dB
Height: 12 5/8" Width: 8" Depth: 13"
Weight: 21 lbs.
Warranty: 5 years

Now INTERNET DIRECT at only $449.00 in Rosewood and $399.00 in black.

Read our AudiogoN #1 rated feedback feedback and buy with confidence.

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