MerlinTSM-MI am auctioning a set of Merlin TSM-M speakers. This is a review from Audio Asylum by a person who records and makes albums professionally.

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I am auctioning a set of Merlin TSM-M speakers. 

This is a review from Audio Asylum by a person who records and makes albums professionally.

Also, a review of the tSM-M and the successor model, the TSM-MM (2800/pair) is at

History: Bobby Palkovic was the designer and owner of Merlin. He died last year. He and his products are very well regarded on Audiogon and there are many comments in the forum on his monitors and floor standing models. This is the original TSM and has a 1” tweeter and a 6.25’ woofer. He made some changes over the years on new models but the exterior look was always the same and there was always a 1-1.25 tweeter and a 6.25 - 6.3 woofer. I don’t know what my model cost originally but the successor TSM sold for $2800 a pair and that was 10 years ago. 

I bought them second hand 8 years ago for a second system. I finished the second system but didn’t use the room very often and I bet that I haven’t played them more than an average of 1 hour/week. 

Cosmetically, they are perfect and they function perfectly. I will give it a 7 for age, etc but they will look new in your living area. There is one blemish. When I got them, the screen would not stay in place perfectly. On one side, 2 of the plastic molded clips had broken off. I used some blue-tac from Walmart (if you aren’t familiar, it is like a slightly sticky clay), put the screens on and never had a problem again.

We are downsizing so i am selling them and the Vincent integrated amp I used them with. Why buy some poor quality speakers at a box store (albeit new) when you can have these for a similar price? 

Oh, yes, there is a company called Signature Sound (can google it) who had a close relationship with Merlin. He is doing upgrades should they be desired or repairs should any ever be necessary. 

I have the original boxes, instructions, tool for getting the optimal angle. 

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