Reference 3A/InnovacRoyal MastersReference 3A/Innovac Royal Masters Super MonitorsPrice Drop! Excellent Super Monitors. In very good condition, perfect sonically. A few dings and dents in cabinets, but otherwise look good. These were hand made in Switzerland, not Canada. ...1950.00

Reference 3A/Innovac Royal Masters Super Monitors [Expired]

no longer for sale

Price Drop! Excellent Super Monitors. In very good condition, perfect sonically. A few dings and dents in cabinets, but otherwise look good. These were hand made in Switzerland, not Canada. They are made from extremely high quality components, and sold for $6500 then, but today with the dollar where it is, would sell for closer to $12,000. Included are the original professional aluminum shipping containers (who does that today?), that show the spare no expense approach to these wonders. Also included Van den Hul Clearview jumper cables, and the original grills. I have owned many speakers in my life including the Harbeths, Silverlines, Ref 3a(newer versions), Talons, etc... And these were the best sounding ever. Incredible detail and naturalness, the quality of tone is exceptional and real, the dynamics excellent, soundstaging wide and deep with realistic placement of players and instruments. Everything an audio lover could ask for. Unfortunately an upcoming move has forced the sale of my system. Specs: 92dB 6 Ohms 13"x13"x16" (WxLxH) Unique crossover-less design, for sonic purity and phase accuracy. The Cabinets are made of very thick Corian covered in natural wood on the sides (Walnut I believe). No CODs, US buyers only Read the reviews: From the Reference 3a website: HVT Magazine - from Holland "The Reference 3A Royal Master is the best monitor in the world, is it not?" What HI-FI? - from Thailand "another great test on the Royal Master....!" HI-FI Journal - from Korea "among the best speakers in the world..." STEREO - from Germany "may be the best test we ever got....EXCELLENT....***" AUDIO ACCESSORY - from Japan "our speaker is selected by the review to be their reference speaker for testing all audio components..." From Overall Rating:5 Value Rating:5 n my quest to find “the perfect speaker”, my listening room has seen many speakers come and go. Big, small, expensive, exotic, anything under about $70k was auditioned. Then I found a very rare pair of Reference 3A Serie Master speakers (made in France) for only $5000. Just for kicks, I connected them to my primary system to compare against my (very expensive and exotic) benchmark speakers. MY JAW DROPPED!!! I couldn’t believe my ears. I spent the next three months trying to find a flaw using every recording I had. No speaker is absolutely perfect, but damn! The Serie Masters has amazing imagery, perfect tone, musical balance top to bottom. They melt into the background immediately and I find it difficult to walk away from them when they play. The bass is deep and full down to about 45 hz. I hear mid-range details like never before. Singers do not mumble. The sound is scary-real. I attend CES every year just for fun. Overall, I think the Reference 3A Serie Master is the finest speaker I’ve heard at any price. Overall Rating:5 Value Rating:5 I just traded away my lovely JM Lab Electra 926's last week that I have owned for about 2 years now.(a record for me). I traded them for a pair of Reference 3a Royal Master's that I was told they were about 7 years old. I found out that they actually are about 10-12 years old. They also were not in anywhere near the shape that my like new JM Labs were. I thought at first that i got screwed. After listening to these speakers, almost right away i knew that they were special. I can now say after a week of steady listening these speakers will be my last speaker. They are AMAZING. No matter what kind of music i play I just can't turn it off. Just one more song. Well maybe ONE more. Several hours later. In the last 15 years I can say that I have owned some pretty nice speakers. Thiel,Totem, Focus Audio, Celestion,Living Voice, Micro Utopia's,and the list goes on. These speakers are without a doubt the best I have ever had in my system. At first I thought that I was the loser in the trade that I made for these speakers. I now realize that from a musical standpoint,the other guy got an inferior speaker. After all it really is about the music isn't it. Overall Rating:5 Value Rating:5 OK. Thought that Sonus Faber Electa Amators were my audio nirvana. Small, dynamic, open and full of musicality. Had not heard Royal Master II:s yet. The only pair of those corian-cheeked wonders in my country - dealer is out of busines -came in for an audition and that was it. From bottom to top: astonishing weight and control in the bass, liquid and natural mids, open and airy treble. But that was just the beginning of the story. Properly set up - thank You Mr. Goka from Divergent Audio -the soundstage opened up and I was able to see through my record collection. Talking about visual aspects of audio, have never experienced the "vanishing effect" so strongly as with the Reference 3a:s. The loudspeakers don't exist! Only the music plays. Of course You need decent system to achieve such a illusion of realism. The sensitivity and friendly impedance curve make things easier for a man of tubes and tubes You gotta have for digging out the best RM II:s have to offer. 40 watts class A NFB seems to work out fine in my 90 cubic meters room. Is it the exotic carbon fibre woofer with no filtering, internal Siltech wiring or multilayered and sturdy box construction? Or is the secret hidden in the papers of the designer, Daniel Dehay, who has decades of experiece in going his own way. Don't know and don't care. The sound is the thing that matters and that sound is music, nothing more, nothing less.