"Vintage" Acoustic Research308 HO."Vintage" Acoustic Research 308 HO. 2 pairs. One is mint and the other very good.I have two pairs of Acoustic Research 308 HOs.The pictures on here are of the non mint pair. I will post some or send upon request pics of the mint pair but they are truly a 10 out of 10. ...250.00

"Vintage" Acoustic Research 308 HO. 2 pairs. One is mint and the other very good. [Expired]

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        I have two pairs of Acoustic Research 308 HOs.The  pictures on here are of the non mint pair. I will post some or send upon request pics of the mint pair but they are truly a 10 out of 10. The mint pair I am asking 450.00 plus shipping and fees and the "lesser" but still nice pair, 6/10 is conservative,  300.00 plus shipping and fees. Local pickup is also welcome and actually preffered. Specs are H 19” x W 8” x D 12” and about 30lbs each.    1” Aerofoam Dome Tweeter, 5 1/4” Midrange Driver. 8” Long Throw Woofer. Frequency Response: 40Hz – 20KHz +/- 2 db. Sensitivity: 92 db @ 2.83 Volts/Meter. Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms. Power Rating: 25 – 200 Watts RMS. They are a nice black wood vinyl. I have ran them off receivers with as little as 80 watts. full range,  to power amplifiers, generally high passed at 60hz,  at 200 watts per channel. I have used them in many setups from 2 channel listening and mixing to home theater as surrounds, center and mains. They are great speakers i just have several pairs of them. They go for 4-500 on ebay all the time and generally are not in this good of condition.
        One pair looks like it is new out of the box. flawless. the other is in very good condition. minor marks on the cabinet that are only visible in the right angle of light or when looking very close and the grills have a minor pin hole or two on them but again hardly noticeable. Both of them operate perfectly. the major difference between the two, and again only noticeable when looking up close, is the foam inlay surrounding the tweeters and the midrange. the mint one is flawless. the other is starting to loose its durability in spots. if you rub your hand across it or say a microfiber towel that grips it will flake off in very small particles. it is still spongy to the touch just not as clean or perfect as the mint pair. If left alone and not messed with it is not an issue.. I have had several pairs of these and I see this from time to time. the foam almost has a gel like feeling to it and I think on some of these that gel starts to go bad over time. the foam almost gets sticky to the touch not dry and hard and when agitated will ball up and flake off. I have taken some of these and removed the foam entirely, when its really bad, and put a wood, fiberglass, or even roll on rubberized dynamat like sealant in its place.  however these are not near that bad and as I stated the mint pair looks and feels like it is brand new. not a blemish on it. They both operate flawless and look great with grills on or off. The grills on these do fit very tight so you have to ease them off and go around the edges with your fingers. The woofer grills are super tight and do come off but its easier to remove them if the speaker is on its side. I personally leave the woofer grills on.
     These will be packed very well as I have shipped these before and I recommend holding onto the packaging. A pair will fit in a 20x20 box and weigh around 60lbs total and the cost can be from 60 to 80 to ship generally. these speakers put out some pretty amazing sound and volume and they definitely do not look like they are 20 plus years old either. I do have one original manual that I will send with the mint pair as it came with them. The mint pair I actually bought from the original owner and traveled 4 hours to pick them up as he refused to ship them as they truly are mint. I also have one pair of stands that I would consider selling with a local pickup. They are the stands the original owner used.
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