Von Schweikert AudioVR-4 Gen III M/TVon Schweikert Audio VR-4 Gen III M/T (HSE) SpeakersFor Sale: One (1) pair - Von Schweikert VR-4 Gen.III M/T (HSE) SpeakersOne of the best Von Schweikert Speakers ever produced. Very rare on the used market. Very dynamic, super smooth with no top...2250.00

Von Schweikert Audio VR-4 Gen III M/T (HSE) Speakers [Expired]

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For Sale:  One (1) pair - Von Schweikert VR-4 Gen.III M/T (HSE) Speakers

One of the best Von Schweikert Speakers ever produced. Very rare on the used market.   Very dynamic, super smooth with no top end edginess and very tolerant of most electronics. 

I rate them an at an 8/10 only due to their age. Carpet spikes and factory boxes are included.

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Binding Posts: Double sets of CARDAS are used enabling bi-wiring.

Driver Complement: 2-9″ woven carbon-filament woofers, 1-6” Aerogel composite cone midrange driver, 1- 1” Dual Ring soft-dome tweeter, 1-1” rear firing ambience mid/tweeter with fabric dome and transmission-line loading. All drivers use our proprietary Advanced Motor System with low distortion design.

Crossover: Acoustic fourth order, at 150 Hz and 2.6 kHz, optimized for flat off-axis response and phase consistency over a wide Global Axis. Very high quality parts are used, including capacitors by Solen, Hovland, and Auricap; custom inductors that can handle up to 1500 watts before saturation, and computer-optimized internal wire.

Cash at pickup or PayPal with 3% if shipped. I will gladly work with the Buyer and your shipper. The Buyer is to coordinate shipping. I can have these boxed up and ready for pickup. Shipping charges will be handled the Buyer.   

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