Monster CableM1000i XLR Interconnect 1.5 MeterMonster Cable M1000i XLR Interconnect 1.5 Meter 1 cable of 10Six of fouteen cables SOLD, only EIGHT cables left! This price is for EACH cable, not pairs. I am selling them like thsi for the buyers who have surround syatems and may need odd numbers of int...49.00

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Six of fouteen cables SOLD, only EIGHT cables left! This price is for EACH cable, not pairs. I am selling them like thsi for the buyers who have surround syatems and may need odd numbers of interconnects. I have this listing in ebay under the same user ID as here. You can see my feedback there...100% on 146 transactions. If you need more than one cable, let me know and we can create an listing for you with the multiple cables. These were purchased by me for my system. As things go when you are changing things around in your audio system, I actually ended up changing the speakers and amplifier. This change resulted in my going to a different type of cable. The listing is for one cable, but (at the initial listing) have a total of 10 available. If you require a certain number, say 5 cables.. please contact me, as I will need confirm I have that number still availible, and create another listing for you. How did I end up with new cables? Why are they so inexpensive? Sort of a funny story; a combination of circumstance and luck! I bought a set cables used. When I was looking over the system specifications, I misunderstood some information in the line stage or tuner, and thought the cables needed to be re-terminated. I decided the manufacturer Monster Cable Inc. would be best qualified to get the proper quality job. To make sure I was doing the right thing when i gave them the cables I provided a copy of the tuner manufacturer install instructions. After giving them the cables, a few days later I received a call from the technician (yes, they were nice enough to call me directly) and informed me that the cables were already terminated in the fashion required by the manufacturer. He did say, however, that he found a little corrosion at the solder joints... and that , if I didn’t mind waiting a few days, he would have a new set built in their San Diego facility, and have them sent out to me. Did I refuse? I think not! They built whole new cables, and sent them out! These are new cables, only plugged in to demo few a few hours in my own home entertainment system! So.. after changing out my amplifier, speakers, and a bunch of other stuff, I went with a whole different type of cable that would be a better match for my specific configuration. At this price, you are getting reference quality custom sized cables at an 'off the shelf, entry level price.' I got lucky on the replacement, and I just want to sell these some other stuff to pay for! :O) Why be greedy and try to sell them for more, when I can get a quick sale, right? Each cable retails for around $350 in 4 foot lengths. These are 1.5 meters (not 4 feet, but about an inch shy of 5 feet!) and each purchase is for one cable. If you need 5, buy 5. I am quoting package based on a small envelope. Should you buy multiples, I will combine shipping, and it will be at actual shipping cost (no inflated handling charges.. to me handling is a part of doing business, not an upsell. Email me with your city and zip code if the term actual shipping cost concerns you. About Monster Cable: Monster Cable® Products, Inc. is the world's leading manufacturer of cables for audio, video, home theater, car, computer, satellite, and custom installation. Monster began manufacturing premium speaker cables 21 years ago. Monster has since grown to encompass several different new divisions that manufacture and market a variety of superior quality products including Monster Game®, Monster Power® power conditioning solutions, Entech® audio and video components and Monster Sound® loudspeakers. Monster products have become an indispensable accessory for music lovers, audiophiles, recording studios, sound professionals, musicians, custom installers, computer users and home theater enthusiasts throughout the world. About "M" Series: M Series audio interconnects are for serious music listeners who want to enjoy every last nuance of their favorite recordings. They provide maximum performance down to the last detail-especially in the areas of soundstage, imaging resolution of inner detail, dynamic range, transient response, reduction of intertransient noise and overall tonal and harmonic structure of the music. About M1000 Interconnects: A New Standard for Sonic Excellence. Some audiophile cables are manufactured with high performance and price in mind. While they may perform better than conventional cables, they probably don't capture all of the finer nuances of recordings. Enter M1000i – designed for audiophiles unwilling to compromise performance for price. Our M Series® reference cable is the result of many years of experience in cable design and critical listening. The results speak for themselves. The Ultimate Tonal Balance and Audio Accuracy: Three-Way Bandwidth Balanced® Construction. M1000i features three precision-wound Bandwidth Balanced networks to separately guide the bass, mid and high frequencies down the wire. These multiple-gauge wire networks are specially wound to optimize varying magnetic fields as they travel through the cable for maximum sonic depth, accuracy and power. Technologies Created By and For Perfectionists: MultiTwist®, MicroFiber®, and PEX™ Dielectric. MultiTwist® is an advanced cable construction that brings out musical nuances by minimizing noise and improving dynamic range. M1000i combines it with our special MicroFiber dielectric insulation, for maximum rejection of interference, and innovative PEX dielectric for improved signal transfer. The result: A cable as advanced sonically as it is technologically. No-Compromise Connector: Heavy-duty, Patented 12-Cut Turbine® RCA. Our patented 12-cut Turbine connector offers a unique heavy mass ground shell for maximum signal transfer and a tight fit. Multiple cuts allow for 12 contact points – the highest of any connector – while 24k gold plating ensures high conductivity and superior corrosion-resistance. Great Music, Pure and Simple. M1000i brings you closer to the original performance than you ever dreamed possible. It offers the ultimate sonic performance in a cable – for audiophiles who can afford the best. PERFORMANCE FEATURES: CL3-Rated for in-wall use. Three Time Correct® multiple-gauge “wire networks” phase compensate signal for accurate reproduction. Three MicroFiber® wound networks provide isolation for natural harmonics through entire bandwidth. PEX™ dielectric reduces capacitive effect of insulation for better transmission of high frequency information. Balanced construction provides identical pos. and neg. conductors plus a ground for wider dynamic range. MultiTwist™ construction rejects audio bandwidth distortions for greater clarity and imaging. 100% foil and 95% braid shielding rejects upper bandwidth distortions for improved harmonic detail. Neutrik® gold-tipped black XLR connectors Audiophile performance interconnect takes advantage of all Monster’s patented technologies.
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