MonsterPowerHTS 3600 MKlMonsterPower HTS 3600 MKl Excellent Home Theater Power CenterIn original box, ready to ship, and priced to go quickly don't pass this one up!!!!! In original box, ready to ship, and priced to go quickly don't pass this one up!!!!! Also have an Amazing Acr...150.00

MonsterPower HTS 3600 MKl Excellent Home Theater Power Center [Expired]

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In original box, ready to ship, and priced to go quickly don't pass this one up!!!!! In original box, ready to ship, and priced to go quickly don't pass this one up!!!!! Also have an Amazing Acrobatic Logitech 890 up for grabs! It's like new with the original box and instructions and was purchased new from Amazon around 2008, used it maybe 6 times! AMAZING DEAL - GREAT PERFORMANCE PRICE RATIO!!!!!!!!! IF YOU ARE LOOKING AT THIS AD YOU PROBABLY HAVE HEARD OF THIS LEGENDARY PIECE OF HOME THEATER HEAVEN 'ON A BUDGET!' Moving to a 10x15 room so some beloved big things must go. Many positive reviews! This Powerful Power Center looks and works like NEW! and has been well loved!! Smoke free home. I have been an Audiogon member for 10 years and have all positive feedback. I am moving to a small space and most downsize my equipment. Very loved unit that performs much better than it's price suggest. The mark 2 has a few minor will save and not notice a difference between a MKi to MKii, believe me. Thanks for Looking and Good Luck! :) (The blue LED for CleanPower is out but, can be easily replaced by purchasing a replacement at RadioShack or via directly through Monster 1-877-800-8989. To be honest it was so bright it was very blinding and distracting in a dark home theater setting....I was happy when went it finally did go out; I am not like that about my gear... Thanks for Looking and Good Luck! :) PS: I also have listed Audiogon auction ads for my beloved Denon 4308ci, Monster HTS 3600, and Final Sound planar speakers and would entertain a package deal if you are interested in more than one of the units.....or maybe even would trade for the right gear. I also have up for grabs: JPS Digital+ AC, Voodoo cable Vajra, Kimber Digital Coaxial DV-75, Audioquest beautiful blue Diamondback RCAs in different lengths, some Monster THX Certified sub cables and speaker cables, HDMI, THX hi-res SACD/DVD-A cables, Audioquest HDMI, etc. so ask me if you need some of that too. Need money to move. My loss is your gain. Our take on the Monster Power HTS 3600 MKII by Ralph Graves A flash of lightning, and the TV goes pop. The damage sudden power surges can do to your home theater system is readily apparent. Not as obvious, though, is the way electronic noise and minor fluctuations can interfere with your system's performance — especially high-definition flat-panel displays, where you may notice video streaking, lower image resolution and color saturation. The Monster HTS 3600 MKII PowerCenter protects your equipment from the range of detrimental effects that can be caused by unfiltered power. The PowerCenter features a sophisticated microprocessor that acts as a first line of defense against sudden power spikes. It monitors incoming AC power and immediately disconnects your equipment if the voltage reaches unsafe high or low levels. When the voltage returns to a safe range, the PowerCenter reconnects your system. An audible alarm lets you know when surge protection is active. There are 10 protected AC outlets in four discrete banks to minimize electronic interference between components. Two of the outlets are for high-current components, such as a flat-panel TV or amplifier. Coaxial jacks protect your system from surges coming through your cable or satellite TV line. A large, easy-to-read digital LED display lets you visually monitor the AC line voltage or your system's total current draw. Read our blog post Better home audio, Tip #12: Use a power conditioner. Highlights: 10 AC outlets (2 switched, 2 delayed, 6 unswitched) Clean Power™ Stage 3 (v.2.0) circuitry includes discrete filter sections for Analog Audio, Analog Video, High-Current Audio, and Digital components selectable voltmeter/ampmeter with front-panel digital LED display 3 sets of coaxial connections for cable and satellite TV RJ-11 phone input/output with splitter for DVR phone line or Internet connection 6500-joule surge protection color-coded cord labels 8-foot power cord 17-1/8"W x 4-1/16"H x 12-13/16"D
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