Mordaunt ShortAviano 6Mordaunt Short Aviano 6 3 Driver column speakersCall me at 770-667-5633 or email with questions FREE freight in the lower 48 statesCall me to discuss our great system deals with Mordaunt Short speakers. The Mordaunt Sho...995.00

Mordaunt Short Aviano 6 3 Driver column speakers [Expired]

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Call me at 770-667-5633 or email with questions FREE freight in the lower 48 states

Call me to discuss our great system deals with Mordaunt Short speakers. The Mordaunt Short Aviano 6 is a 3 driver column speaker that offers extreme value in a full range speaker for the money.

The Sound & Vision review summed up with:
"Sometimes a particular combination of drivers, enclosure and crossover yields a far better result than expected. The Aviano 6 is a prime example of this phenomenon. Speakers that start with skilled engineering, sprinkle in a little good fortune, and end up delivering sound quality that is way out of proportion to the systems price. I think audiophiles that hear these speakers will consider them one of the all time great values in sound"

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In the review they summed up with:
"The real take-away is value. The Aviano 6 is a great catch in the audiophile jungle, a rare find. Its smooth, detailed and natural sound qualities make the Aviano 6 a speaker you can't afford to overlook if you're shopping in the mid-priced speaker category."

The Aviano 6 features two 6½" aluminum hi strength mid/bass drivers & a 1" aluminum dome tweeter for extended hi frequency response. Computer-modelled bracing design and driver supports reduce distortion and vibration to extremely low levels whilst adding significantly to cabinet rigidity. 100% designed and engineered in the UK, the Aviano 6 is then built in China to offer excellent value. The Aviano is an amazing hi-fi and home theatre speaker for the money It offers dynamics refinement and value.

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Sensitivity: 88dB
Frequency response: 38Hz - 22kHz
Nominal impedance: 4-8 ohms
Drive units:
1" aluminum dome tweeter
6.5" CPC aluminum mid/bass
Crossover: Damped 2nd order with DVP
Recommended amplifier power: 15-150 Watts
Magnetically shielded within 50mm of cabinet
Dimensions: 38"h x 8.2:w x 11.9"d
Weight 38.1lbs each

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