Mordaunt ShortOur favoriteMordaunt Short Our favorite under $1000.00 systemCall me at 770-667-5633 or email with questions. Hit "Buy it Now" to Purchase. This ad is for a full system for $999.00. It is a great small starter system with surprising...999.00

Mordaunt Short Our favorite under $1000.00 system [Expired]

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Call me at 770-667-5633 or email with questions. Hit "Buy it Now" to Purchase. This ad is for a full system for $999.00. It is a great small starter system with surprising performance.

The system includes:
1) One Music Hall A15.2 75wpc remote integrated amplifier
2) One Marantz CD5004 Stereophile Class C rated CD player
3) One pair of Mordaunt Short carnival 1 monitor loudspeakers
4) One Mordaunt Short Carnival 7 powered subwoofer.

The Music Hall A15.2 remote controlled integrated amp is rated at 75 watts per channel. In reality they all output over 90 watts. The 15.2 has received a very good review from Sam Tellig in Stereophile. It has a nice phono stage and preamp outs to hook to the MS sub in this system. It offers excellent sonics with pace, bass and power at an affordable price. Available in black or silver.

75 watt/ch amplifier
ultra low noise pre-amplifier section
brushed aluminum face plate
gold plated heavy gauge speaker binding posts
5 x analog stereo gold plated inputs
1 x variable preamp out
moving-magnet phono input
headphone output
special padded vibration damping feet
powerful high-current toroidal power transformer
3.5mm front panel mini plug input
power saving standby operation
voltage switchable
removable power cord
system remote control
silver or black

The Marantz CD-5004 is Class C rated in Stereophile who loved its performance. The CD5004 plays standard CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs even those containing MP3 and WMA music files. The Cirrus Logic CS 4392 DAC offers excellent sound quality that remains constant regardless of its environment. The CD5004 brings this superb performance within the reach of almost everyone.

The Mordaunt Short Carnival 1 is an extremely compact speaker which is suitable for stereo set-ups and is ideal for smaller rooms. It handles an impressive 80 watts and punches well above its weight, bringing music to life. The Carnival 1 is also the perfect speaker to run with a subwoofer such as the Carnival 7 The Carnival 1's pure, refined sound is enough to embarrass many more expensive rivals.

The Mordaunt Short Carnival 7 is a compact subwoofer that is capable of delivering impressive performance from its small size and 8" long throw driver. It is the perfect compliment for the Carnival 1 monitor. Its rear panel houses a wide range of controls to suit any environment.

The complete system is only $999.00. It offers exceptional musicality and full range response. Imaging is impressive and dynamics are surprising for a system at this price.

1) Substitute the larger Carnival 2 monitors for the 1's for only $80.00. Sam Tellig loved these in his Stereophile review.
2)Substitute the 10" Carnival sub for the Carnival 7 for only $100.00

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