Morrow AudioMA1 interconnectsAre you ready to experience presence, delicate textures and realism in your music? Would you like to be emotionally involved, drawn into your music ...49.95

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Are you ready to experience presence, delicate textures and realism in your music?

Would you like to be emotionally involved, drawn into your music like never before?

My system has never sounded like this...
"I am listening to Famous Blue Raincoat by Jennifer Warnes. I've listened to this CD for 20 years. My system has never sounded like this. You promised and delivered! I didn't doubt your integrity, but have heard so many promises that just don't deliver. But now I am experiencing just beautiful sounds here. Lots of audio people can wax poetic on all this but I'm just going to say that the MA1's are working like I want it too; dramatic difference in all area of subjective analysis. You should be, and I think you are, proud of your products and design achievements!"

Just having FUN! Astounding...
"The dynamic range is just astounding with the MA1 interconnects. I kept finding myself being startled when loud passages follow quiet ones. I never knew just how much compression was going on with my old cables. The transients are now blazing fast -- a very noticeable change. Soundstage is wider and more holographic, and timbre is better defined. Most of all, I'm just having FUN listening to these! They changed the sound so profoundly, it's almost like listening to a new system, or hearing these songs for the first time all over again." Richard Cass

Mike Morrow of Morrow Audio

My name is Mike Morrow and I want to introduce to you a cable technology that follows common sense instead of hype and costly prices, the Morrow Audio line of cables. Watch the video below. See how you can dramatically improve your music enjoyment!


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I would like to offer you our $159.00 MA1 interconnects for only $49.95. Why so cheap? Because I know that when you hear the improvements, you will want more!
Try them in your system! 60 day returns.

MA1 Interconnects
Regular Price $159.00
SPECIAL! $49.95/ 1 mtr pair
(Other lengths available in the cart)

We offer speaker cables, interconnects, phono cables,
I-Pod cables, subwoofer cables, power cords & more!
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More customer testimonials...

Morrow Audio MA1 interconnect cables.

More air, soundstage & detail...
"Hello Mike, I am not very good at this, but I know what I like to hear and this is it. At this time, I own four pair of Morrow Audio cables. The first pair I purchased was balanced MA3 cables; they replaced cables I paid $550.00 for. The Morrow cables had more air, and much more detail, all the instruments in their place which gave me a very good stage." FM

Man are they good!
"Thank you for the MA1's. Man are they good! I am very please with the sound so
far. They have only been in my system for two days, but from the start they are impressive. I should have purchase some of your cables before I updated my system. I have spent up words of $3600.00 on cables in the last month, but will have to re-do my system with yours. As soon as I heard the MA1's I gave the old ones that they replaced to a friend. By the way, it was your MA1 cable offer that got me to try them. Yours have met and exceeded my expectations, I am impressed!" John Moses


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