MSB Platinum LinkMSB  Platinum Link 46/384K DAC - 240 VoltSOLD! Due to the high number of Fraudulent and Scam Emails I will no longer respond to ANY emails through AudioGon's UNSECURE BROKEN EMAIL SYSTEM - I rec'd (4) emails from two different or perhaps...1195.00

MSB Platinum Link 46/384K DAC - 240 Volt [Expired]

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SOLD! Due to the high number of Fraudulent and Scam Emails I will no longer respond to ANY emails through AudioGon's UNSECURE BROKEN EMAIL SYSTEM - I rec'd (4) emails from two different or perhaps from the same person with New Member ID's with Zero Feedback! and (2) on my new listing for MSB Platinum DAC a few hrs after posting. Please call me at 323-952-4630 or send me an email to, Please provide your name and location - Thank you! MSB Platinum Link DAC revision #3 Board shows date of 2000 - 240Volt New Price was $3995, Selling for $1195. OBO. Rated 8/10: Unit is in Very Good Condition. The MSB Platinum grants the user the ability to up-sample from ANY lower audio standard to four times the rate, but limited to 24bit/192kHz (so CD is up-sampled to 176.4k and everything else is 192k). This is a selectable feature and may be turned off. To play a 24/192 disc the Platinum only needs to be plugged into a DVD-A player with an MSB Network output. This up-sampling feature also dynamically buffers and re-clocks all the data and clock signals to provide a virtually jitter-free source directly to the DACs. Interpolation is also selectable, with 16X or 8X being possible. The selectable digital filter response permits the user to choose the filter design they prefer. It allows Balanced Out MSB DAC Module (Non-inverted signal) INPUTS: COAXIAL, TOSLINK, BALANCED AES/EBU, 2 MSB NETWORK (192K) AND A BALANCED OUTPUTS - RCA -Single Ended XLR - Balanced Balanced – PLATINUM is fully balanced, both the inverted and non-inverted outputs are generated directly by separate DACs and sent to the balanced outputs without filtering, buffering or any analog circuits that could color the music. The balanced outputs provide a 20 Vpp at 0 dB (7.5 V RMS). Light Use! Works and Sound Great! Please see pictures. Higher Resolution Pictures are available upon Request. Unit will be professional boxed. Payment: Cashiers Check (will ship when funds clear bank) Bank Wire Transfer + $25.00 incoming wire fee. or Cash Local Pick-up. Shipments or local Pickup in California will add State Sales Tax of 7.25% - 8.75% (Based on County). POWER SUPPLIES: Each function within the Platinum is provided with its own separate power supply. There are 5 power supplies in the digital portion and 6 in the analog. The power supplies in the digital section ensure the maximum jitter reduction while the 3 power supplies for each of the left and right DACs allow for the greatest channel separation possible. The analog power supplies are the original high-speed discrete supplies used in MSB audio products for over 13 years. The Platinum includes a built-in P1000 Power Base, with its high performance triple wound toroidal transformer and rectification. It can be configured internally for 120V or 240V and has a detachable cord. Also provided is extra DC output that can be used to power another MSB product like a volume control. The DIN connector next to the AC power connector is an auxiliary output, not an input. MSB will supply a DIN to DIN cable upon request. Selling on consignment for my customer. I will present all reasonable offers {Please do not include shipping in your offer} (No Tire Kickers or Low Ballers!) to my client AKA (the Owner of the gear) and respond back with his counter offer.. Please do not contact me thorough Audiogon's system, contact me directly - Thank you. 323-952-4630 Kaplan Design Audiogon Member comments: 2001 Jimmy Award Page I found the following quote "Under $4,000. MSB Technology's Platinum Link DAC demonstration was a stunner. With recordings I thought I knew, the Platinum unveiled details unnoticed during hundreds of playbacks at home. As the hardware improves, the lowly CD storage medium keeps sounding better. Do we really need DSD or DVD-A with companies like MSB able to push the performance of playback gear?". 08-22-01: Pls1 I have had nothing but good experiences with MSB. I have a Link, a Gold and a Platinum. My main system is a dCS Elgar and a 972 up sampler. The Platinum is very close to the dCS and that's even before their new up-sampler board which I should have from them in two or three weeks. I have no business interest in the company. I don't know of quality problems. Perhaps a specific reference to the publication where the quality problems would be helpful. MSB is located in one of the highest cost labor markets in the world, here in Northern California. Their prices, based on the boards/parts inside, from my professional experience in electronics are a bargain by High End standards and well priced by typical small run electronics standards. Moore's Law has made for tremendous progress in the quality of DAC's over the last few years and there are very good ones at every price point. MSB units are way up there in terms of price performance. OUTPUT IMPEDENCE: 50 OHMS BALANCED LEVEL 7.5 V RMS (20VPP) SAMPLING FREQUENCY: 1.5 MHZ DIGITAL FILTER: BURR BROWN DF1704 SLEW RATE: >1000 V/MICROSECOND SETTLING TIME: 130 dB Authorized Dealer: Acoustic Signature ADL Alto Extremo Epos Esoteric Furutech HRT M2Tech JM-Reynaud Unison Research Opera Audio WireWorld XLO
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