Arcamav-950Arcam av-950 Home Cinema Amplifier / Processor / NMINTARCAM AV950 AV Processor Home Cinema / Surround Sound Processor / Amplifier AC Power: 230 V NEAR MINT CONDITION / ORIGINAL BOX & ACCESSORIES / WARRANTY CARD / INVOICE Price Catalogue appr...3199.00

Arcam av-950 Home Cinema Amplifier / Processor / NMINT [Expired]

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ARCAM AV950 AV Processor Home Cinema / Surround Sound Processor / Amplifier AC Power: 230 V NEAR MINT CONDITION / ORIGINAL BOX & ACCESSORIES / WARRANTY CARD / INVOICE Price Catalogue approx: 5700 GBP / 6600 EUR / 6750 USD Price This Offer: 2700 GBP / 3120 EUR / 3199 USD Or best offer received ! Do not miss out ! PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: As one of the very few audio specialists in the world to design AV products, Arcam has developed a reputation for balancing a finely honed technical specification with world class audio performance. The AV950 is, quite simply, the highest performing AV pre-processor Arcam has ever made. Arcam’s highest performing pre-processor ever 4K (UHD) video compatible including upscaling 7 HDMI inputs, 2 HDMI outputs, ARC compatible Auto setup with room correction Arcam’s best ever “stereo” pre-amplifier Balanced & single-ended audio outputs On board PSU for rSeries accessories Ethernet, RS232 and IR control Free iOS control app Offering a level of sound quality that is far above competing pre-processors, the AV950 is an audiophile product by any measure. Equally at home with high resolution surround sound or two-channel music, the AV950 in combination with the P777 power amplifier delivers stunning realism with everything from heavy-weight blockbusters to your favourite concert video. The AV950’s natural habitat is within high performance cinema installations. It delivers a level of sonic detail and emotional connection that quickly takes listeners to the very heart of the movie or music. Both video and audio stages are designed to embrace both current and upcoming technologies. 4K “Ultra HD” and 3D video capability are built in, while both standard and high definition sources can be scaled to any resolution where required. An internal tuner provides a fully integrated FM / DAB / DAB+ (in appropriate markets) radio solution. Worldwide access to radio stations is provided through the network connection, which also interfaces to uPnP audio servers. The USB port supports memory devices as well as digital audio from your iPod®/iPhone®/iPad®. Control of the AV950 is possible via Ethernet, enabling it to be fully integrated with whole house control systems. RS232, 12V triggers and standard IR control are also included. Finally, a 6V power output is provided to supply the versatile range of rSeries accessories such as the rBlink, adding the convenience of high-quality aptX® Bluetooth® to your system. TECHNICAL DATA: Audio Performance (Stereo line inputs) Signal/noise ratio (A-wtd, stereo direct) - 110dB Frequency response - 20Hz—20kHz ± 0.1dB Video Inputs HDMI - x7, Component - x3, Composite - x4 Video Outputs HDMI - x2 (ARC Compatible), Z2 - x1 (Composite) Audio Inputs HDMI - x7, Coax SPDIF - x4, Toslink - x2, RCA Phono - x6, USB input, Ethernet Client, Internet Radio, ARC (from display) Audio Outputs 7.1 Pre-amp output - 8x RCA Phono 7.1 Pre-amp output - 8x XLR balanced out Zone 2 output - RCA Phono Radio Tuner EAN/UPC code 5 060133 602293 PLEASE NOTE; WE OFFER ONLY ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT SOURCED FORM OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTION. EACH ITEM COMES WITH WARRANTY CARD AND INVOICE.
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