ArcamSolo Movie 5.1This AVR is in 9/5/10 Condition. There is almost no signs of wear on the Unit! Includes Original Remote. This Unit is made by an extremely high end British Home-theater and Audio Equipment manuf...845.00

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This AVR is in 9/5/10 Condition. There is almost no signs of wear on the Unit! Includes Original Remote. This Unit is made by an extremely high end British Home-theater and Audio Equipment manufacturer! The original price on the unit was over $4000 and it has only had one owner. The Home-Theater receiver is in excellent shape and is still an extremely high level unit in both quality and shape. The reviews were so top of the charts by almost every high end audio reviewer around when this first came out and they continue to remain in high demand by those on the know!! I am Including one of the shorter reviews of the "single box’ home theater solution" so you can get an idea of the feature set and level of quality you can expect out of the Arcam Solo Movie 5.1. You're Going to love this Single Box Home Theater Setup!!!!! Just add High quality speakers and your existing T.V. for Arcam's uniquely developed Home theater Base. The Solo Movie 5.1 combines a high-performance DVD player with a DAB tuner and five powerful amplifiers amplifier in one stylish machine. Arcam wasn't the first to come up with the concept of a high-end one-box solution, but the alternatives, from Linn and Bang and Olufsen, are more esoteric compared to Arcam's very pragmatic approach. With a succession of cutting-edge DVD players and audiophile grade amplifiers under its belt, combining them in one box is simply a matter of engineering logistics. From the front, the Solo Movie keeps a low profile and is only available in ninja-style black. Instead, the unit is deep to accommodate the five discrete linear 50W amplifiers and massive toroidal mains transformer. It weighs a lot too - 7.5kg to be precise. The Solo Movie has inputs for three other AV sources (potentially more) including Sky HD, which is controllable via the clever universal remote. An iPodcradle (the rDock) is an optional extra. Top-end technology Much of the tech associated with the DVD player comes directly from the company's £1,300 DV137, which means it can upscale video to 720p, 768p and 1080i.It's based around the Zoran 8885 processor - the best on the market, currently. It also means you can play both Super Audio CD and DVD-Audio discs. Since the company's birth 30 years ago, Arcam has been best known for its high-end audio, and sound quality was high on the agenda during the Solo's conception. As well as expensive audio DACs that handle the digital-to-analogue conversion, you also get both digital and analogue radio tuners on board to satisfy new and old school audiophiles. Simplicity was also the watchword in the Solo's design. Despite the sophisticated technology inside, it is wonderfully easy to use. The ordinary-looking remote control is backlit and intuitively designed and while the onscreen graphics are dull, they are mercifully easy to follow. Just be careful when choosing the video output resolution. Pick one that's incompatible with your display device and you're faced with the dreaded black screen, then it's a case of quickly hooking up a composite video lead to change it back again. Disc player DVD Video, DVD-Audio, SACD, CD Audio, CD text, CD-R and CDRW transport Compatible with MP3, WAV, JPG and Kodak Photo CD Based on highly acclaimed DV135 DVD player Superb video and audio performance Video section Videophile DVD playback with scaling to 720p/1080i on HDMI output Two additional HDMI inputs Twin analogue inputs with associated output on either SCART or Component video Internal video calibration wizard for setting up of attached display device Superb picture quality Power amplifiers 50W RMS into 8ohms continuous power output Passive fanless cooling system Full size speaker binding posts Twin toroidal transformers with oversized power amp supply Independent toroid for microprocessor and standby Nine independently regulated power supplies Preamplifier Four line level inputs plus record output Dolby Digital, DTS and Pro Logic II decoding Six channel preamplifier output for external power amps Two digital inputs (1x Optical, 1x Optical or Coaxial) Optical digital output for digital recording Front panel mini jack input for iPod style MP3 players or games consoles Front panel headphones mini jack iPod interface with control via rDock or rLead Second room output with independent volume control Separate infrared jack input for control of second room Full bass and treble controls Full suite of Bass, level and delay management controls Custom Installation Rear panel RS232 input for control of all functions and software update Infrared input jacks for main and second area control Infrared output jack to control other sources 12v trigger out to turn on external amplifiers Discrete IR codes for toggled commands (standby, mute, etc.) Find Out more here-,solomovie51.htm#techspecs
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