Bryston9B-STBryston 9B-ST BlackOutstanding 5 channel amplifier that excels with music or movies. The sound is extremely clean and revealing with excellent dynamic punch. It produces holographic images similar to a Krell that I...1250.00

Bryston 9B-ST Black [Expired]

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Outstanding 5 channel amplifier that excels with music or movies.  The sound is extremely clean and revealing with excellent dynamic punch.  It produces holographic images similar to a Krell that I once owned. No performance issues, very good cosmetics, about 4 years warranty coverage remaining from Bryston.  An absolute no brainer decision if you’re comparing this to new emotiva or outlaw equipment - I've owned them and, in my opinion, Bryston's build and sound quality are in a different league.  

From a Stereophile review:

The Bryston 9B-ST THX packs plenty of punch— delivers fast, powerful, well-defined midbass, and low bass with depth, extension, and solidity. It combines snap and slam, allowing the listener to perceive both the low-frequency energy and the tightness and definition of the leading edge of the bass pulse. Playing back two-channel audio through the Dynaudio Evidence towers, it excelled in its focused imaging, absence of midrange grain, and extended, transparent highs.......perfect choice for someone who wants to have a home-theater system, yet have a basic amplifier for multichannel music-only recordings.

Specified at a minimum of 120 watts per channel (8 ohms) and 200 watts (4 ohms).  Bryston final check from this unit was 158 watts (8 ohms).   

Included are the original owner’s manual, original receipt, final checkout document and original box with internal packing.

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