Musical FidelityV-Series V-LinkMusical Fidelity V-Series   V-Link Brand New,Factory Sealed USB,KillerHere i ahve a brand new musical fidelity v-link ver II for sale.This is a killer little converter for the money. Here is a little about it,buy with confidence. V-LINK NEW! V LINK 24 BIT 9...159.00

Musical Fidelity V-Series V-Link Brand New,Factory Sealed USB,Killer [Expired]

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Here i ahve a brand new musical fidelity v-link ver II for sale.This is a killer little converter for the money. Here is a little about it,buy with confidence. V-LINK NEW! V LINK 24 BIT 96 kHz ASYCHRONOUS USB TO S/PDIF CONVERTER WITH COAX AND OPTICAL OUTPUT Design Background More people are storing their cherished music collections on computer. This exciting consumer led revolution gives new and exciting possibilities for audiophiles. However, the standard USB output from laptops has been a serious limitation on ultimate quality. Standard computer USB outputs are synchronous. This means that the computer will determine its output data rate at its whim. From an audiophile’s perspective this is a disaster. The data rate might be 14 BIT 32 kHz or it might be at a higher data rate. It just depends on…what the computer decides to do. The solution to this problem is asynchrony. Simply put the receiving device instructs the computer to give it data (via its USB output) at whatever rate it has been stored on the computer disc. This is a big change. Now an audiophile can be confident that the data received from his computer is genuinely high quality and unfailingly consistent. Perfect! V-Link The V-Link is 24 BIT 96 kHz asynchronous USB to S/PDIF converter. It is an exclusive in-house, Musical Fidelity development. The V-Link offers perfect performance from USB. Jitter is eliminated. Data transfer is perfect. It really, really does the job. There are other products on the market which have similar functionality but, unless you spend big money on Ayre or other similar products, they do not work consistently, reliably or in some cases properly. The V-Link has been designed from the ground up to offer perfect and consistent performance. It will work with a huge range of computers and operating systems. Extreme attention has been paid to all the detailed programming to ensure rock solid consistency. The low jitter power supply feeds an ultra high precision clock which is positioned almost on top of (in PCB terms at least) the V-Link’s vital components. This achieves extremely short tracks and ultra accurate clocking. Our selected I2 Bus to S/PDIF converter ensures jitter free precision conversion. The V-Link has Musical Fidelity’s unique proprietary asynchronous digital control system feedback technology software. When added to all the other elements, it produces virtual perfection. The V-Link (24 bit 96 kHz) produces performance equal to the most expensive and the most exotic on the market. It’s true! Zero Jitter The V-Link has zero jitter. See Hi-Fi News measurements below. …”Moreover, it offers completely jitter-free conversion from one interface to the other, as the graph above shows. (Ignore the extremely low-level peaks in the spectrum: they are the residual components of the J-test signal used for my measurement. PM)”… Optical Output Interfacing computers to audio systems dramatically reduces the audio system’s performance. This is because computers have large amounts of digital noise on their earths. This seriously reduces audio performance. The V-Link’s optical output eliminates it entirely. The V-Link’s optical output gives audiophile performance from computers. Musical Fidelity’s V-series competitive pricing Musical Fidelity’s V-series offers state of the art performance for a low price. It is done by solid commercial principles and state of the art circuit/PCB design. The V-series has no extraneous anything. It is state of the art circuitry laid out to perfection with no trimmings, extraneous trouser stuffing braggadocio, packaged in a simple low cost housing made in large numbers. We are determined to give state of the art performance at an every day price. Paypal and Cert Check only Ship to confirmed address only Thanks for looking
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