NaimUnitiNaim Uniti Complete High Performance System - Just Add Speakers!For sale is one of our beloved NaimUniti demo units. This unit was used sparingly, on an appointment only basis, and comes complete with the latest iPod digital USB connection. Furthermore, we ha...2700.00

Naim Uniti Complete High Performance System - Just Add Speakers! [Expired]

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For sale is one of our beloved NaimUniti demo units. This unit was used sparingly, on an appointment only basis, and comes complete with the latest iPod digital USB connection. Furthermore, we have the new 24/192 board and software ready to be installed*! (If our asking price is met we will install the upgrade board and software at no additional charge before shipping this wonderful unit to its proud new owner.) The unit will be packaged in the original factory packaging with the manual, remote, power cord, WiFi antenna, etc,. The serial # is 298849 indicating it was manufactured in late 2010 or only approximately 1.5 years "young"! If you have not heard the Uniti you owe to yourself to try this musical all-in-one kit. Enjoy controlling it with your iPad with Naim's free N-Stream App! Here is what Naim states regarding this compact HiFi: Imagine everything audio in one place: integrated amplifier, CD player, DAB/FM tuner, Internet radio, iPod dock, digital-to-analogue converter, music file player and network stream player. And now combine all that with legendary Naim musical quality, engineering integrity, design sophistication and interface know-how. Congratulations! You've just come up with the NaimUniti. Digital Audio Streamer Internet Radio Player DAB / FM Tuner CD Player MP3 & iPod Player USB & Network-stored Audio Player Integrated Amplifier Digital to Analogue Converter NaimUniti has an analogue heart. Its NAIT 5i-derived integrated amplifier beats true to our long established design philosophies and is the foundation of the NaimUniti’s audio quality. But in parallel with audio quality, it is NaimUniti’s immense digital versatility that sets it apart from any other all-in-one audio product. Its comprehensive coverage of audio bases includes audio formats as well as audio sources. So along with Red Book CD audio, FM and DAB radio, and iRadio streams at multiple bit rates, NaimUniti can play audio files in MP3, Windows Media–formatted file, AAC, Apple Lossless (from your iPod), FLAC and WAV formats. And thanks to NaimUniti’s internal DAC, external digital audio sources, such as satellite TVs or games consoles, are a breeze too. NaimUniti is the perfect audio hub. Versatility is however little use without accessibility. NaimUniti’s coherent and intuitive user interface makes using and navigating around each of its audio sources child’s play. NaimUniti finds DAB or iRadio stations without prompting; it connects to networks and discovers UPnP™ server shared audio files automatically, and it presents everything via a large front panel display that’s the model of clarity. Every CD track, audio file, stream or source is literally just a couple of button presses away. NaimUniti also works seamlessly with iPod models. *(The latest board/software installation allow for high resolution 24/192 native playback and even an alarm clock function!) Our Company: Next Level Audio & Video is a premier retailer of the world’s finest HiFi products. We operate by appointment and offer our clients the opportunity to experience systems not heard elsewhere. We are proud to support our business partners including: Arcam, Burmester, Clearaudio, Dynaudio, Naim, Nordost, Octave, REL, and Soulution. Payment can be made by Check, Cash, Money Order, Credit Card, or PayPal. Credit Card or PayPal adds 3% to the total. Illinois Residents add 7% to the total. Feel free to contact us at the following for questions, appointment requests, and or orders. Office: 630-830-0390 Cell: 630-246-0197 Fax: 630-830-0395 Email: Web: