Nakamichi 680Nakamichi   680 Discrete Head Cassette DeckNakamichi 680 Discrete Head Cassette Deck It is in excellent condition cosmetically and functionally. The recordings it produces are remarkable, the best they ever made! I am the sole owner ...449.00

Nakamichi 680 Discrete Head Cassette Deck [Expired]

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Nakamichi 680 Discrete Head Cassette Deck It is in excellent condition cosmetically and functionally. The recordings it produces are remarkable, the best they ever made! I am the sole  owner and had it serviced. Complete alignment, transport rebuilding and lamps replacement by Nakamichi. It is black, has detachable rack-mounts. The 680 saw studio/professional use, as well --- absolutely top fidelity/quality! The sound is truly remarkable for a cassette deck --- smooth, extended on both extremes, and quiet. On-board Random Access Music Memory (RAAM) computer for effortless song selection and "cue-ing-up". It has the workings of Nak's famous Dragon cassette, but with a more direct signal path, without un-necessary bells and whistles. Non smoking environment. Meticulously cleaned  and maintained. Includes original owners manual and promotional brochure. I will include: Unused new spares: 2 pinch rollers, 2 lamps, counter belt, control belt. 4 brand new sealed TDK SA-X tapes (each worth $10) Nakamichi head cleaning tape Nakamichi demo cassette tape Ampex 220 cleaner demagnetizer cassette I will ship it via UPS -- the cost of shipping including insurance within the continental US is $30. (The following information about the 680 is kindly provided by Nakamichi 680 Discrete Head Cassette Deck The only half speed deck anywhere. and that's only half the story. MSRP $1350 1979-1981 A112 The Nakamichi 680 2 Speed Discrete Head Cassette Deck is a success story from the moment you turn it on and enjoy the unique convenience of three hours of recording and playback from a C-90 cassette. The sound you'll hear at half speed rivals many decks at normal speed. To deliver superb sound as the tape glides by at 15/16 inches per second meant that Nakamichi had to outdo itself at 1 7/8 ips. So when you want the optimum, twist the knob back to 1 7/8 ips and you’ll hear unheard of fidelity. It's no wonder that Nakamichi is the company to bring you this remarkable cassette deck. The essential component of everything we do from the smallest detail to the most impressive technological breakthrough is a constant commitment to excellence in the fine art of recorded sound. Pressure pad lifter Double Capstan Asymmetrical Dual Capstans Silent Mechanism Digital Fluorescent Display Diffused-Resonance Transport Discrete 3-Head Technology RAMM (Random Access Music Memory) Connectivity DIN Input/Output Connector Headphones RCA Input/Output Connectors Wired Remote Control Din DC Power Output For BlackBox Series Heads 3 Head Design Separate Record and Playback Heads Noise Reduction Dolby-B Noise Reduction Double Dolby NR Circuits MPX Filter Calibration 400Hz Test Tone Manual Azimuth Calibration Manual Level Calibration Preamplifier Output-Level Control Individual Input Level Controls Master Record Level Control Operation Timer Recording/Playback Memory Stop Pitch Control Real-Time Tape Monitoring Record Mute Full Logic Transport Control Music Scan Speed 15/16 ips - 2.38 cm/s 1⅞ ips - 4.76 cm/s Transport Pressure Pad Lifter Dual-Capstan Transport Slack-Tape Takeup 2-Speed Cueing Belt Drive (Capstan) Mechanical Tape Loading Auto Shutoff (Full) Multi Motor Mechanism Idler Drive (Reel) Belt Drive (Mechanism) Display 3-Digit Mechanical Counter Peak Hold Digital Peak-Reading Meters Meters Peak / VU Switchable Track Indicator Exterior 19-Inch EIA Rack Mounting Front Loading Orientation Left Tape 2-Position Equalization Selector Chrome Tape Capability Normal Tape Capability Metal Tape Capability Manual Tape Type Selection Indicators Illuminated Cassette Compartment Electronics Double NF Record And Play Amplifiers General Stereo
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