Neat Momentum 4iNeat  Momentum 4i CherryFor sale is a mint condition pair of Neat Momentum 4i speakers in book matched cherry finish. These speakers 1.5 year old speakers are in as new condition and include original boxes and manual. T...1999.00

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For sale is a mint condition pair of Neat Momentum 4i speakers in book matched cherry finish. These speakers 1.5 year old speakers are in as new condition and include original boxes and manual. They share a similar sound to Spendor of which I have I owned the S9s and SP1/2es and Harbeths of which I have owned the HL5-s. They are also an easy amp load like the fore mentioned speakers. However, they are much better in the bass and dynamics. And they are much more room and wife friendly! They use the same Focal titanium tweeters as Wilson Audio speakers so the highs are beyond reproach. Naim, LFD, Linn, and Musical Fidelity owners take note your amps were used as reference models in developing these speakers. Lavardin, Mark Levinson and Krell owners, your amps are also used in the testing process of these speakers. From HiFi World: “The Momentum 4is turn in an accomplished performance. They incorporate some well though-out and innovative technologies and the musical aptitude of their designer shines through in many aspects of their performance. For anyone wanting a stylish, well designed and constructed floorstander with superb bass weight and an atmospheric nature, the Momentum 4is should definitely be on the audition list.” From TAS: The British Neat Momentum 4i tower ($4780/pair) is another example of a speaker that is more sophisticated than appearances would initially suggest. At first glance the 4i appears to be a simple two-way design, but in fact it is a 2½-way, four-driver speaker featuring an integral iso-baric subwoofer system based on two concealed 6.5-inch woofers. While your eyes take in a compact (roughly 8.7-inch wide x 41-inch high) tower, your ears drink in a big richly detailed sound that suggests you are in the presence of a much larger speaker. Comments from both Neat and Manley electronics representatives (Manley gear was use to power the Neats), suggest that the speakers take a bit of break-in and fine-tuning to give their best, but the end results more than justify any extra set-up work required. From Neat: The Momentum 4i is a full range 2.5-way iso-baric floorstanding design which uses four drive units in each enclosure. Iso-baric loading is a familiar feature on Neat loudspeakers, this being our favoured system for delivering exemplary bass performance. The iso-baric principle is exploited in quite a radical way in the design of the Momentum 4i, which features two 6.5" bass drive units in an integral subwoofer arrangement (this part of the system is hidden from view). An ‘Ultimatum’ type bass/midrange main driver then handles frequencies up to the crossover point, where the latest version of our ‘NMT’ inverted titanium dome tweeter (built by Focal), with its extended HF response, takes over. All of the drive units used in the Momentum models are custom-made to Neat Acoustics’ specifications. The close tolerance capacitors and chokes used in the hardwired crossover networks are, likewise, made to our exacting requirements by leading UK suppliers. All of this technology is presented in attractive, room-friendly cabinets. More importantly, the Momentum loudspeakers are capable of delivering a compelling musical experience where it really matters – in the listening room. Specifications: Size (hxwxd) 105 x 22 x 23cm Weight 25Kg each Impedance 8 Ohms (minimum 5 Ohms) Sensitivity 88dB/1 watt System 2.5-way iso-baric bass reflex incorporating integral iso-baric subwoofer. I am not currently taking offers or trades (my price is more than fair). Paypal payment only and add 3% for Paypal credit charges or use a Paypal echeck for no charge. I will only sell to buyers with audiongon feedback, period! Offers and people without feedback will be ignored, sorry! Thanks for looking, Kevin If you have any questions, please email me at or go to the following for me info:
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