Neutral CableMantra2 - award winning designNeutral Cable Mantra2 - award winning design from ItalyPress Release: April, 2012 More info & review excerpts at We are honored to announce the US availability of Neutral Cable from Italy and their awa...400.00

Neutral Cable Mantra2 - award winning design from Italy [Expired]

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Press Release: April, 2012 More info & review excerpts at We are honored to announce the US availability of Neutral Cable from Italy and their award winning designs! A complete set of high performance cables including USB designs that will knock your socks and shoes off! Neutral’s core focus is to create cables that preserve detail, dynamics, prat/speed and bandwidth while remaining tonally neutral…and communicating the musical emotion! A full line including: ● Interconnects w/Eichmann Bullet RCA Plugs ● Loudspeaker cables w/BFA (Nordost type) banana connectors ● Power Cords w/Gold-over-Copper (Mantra2) and Oyaide (Fascino) connectors ● USB cables - special designs with high-performance conductors and unique special damping for highest sonic quality! The Neutral series include: ● Mantra2 - the “entry level” and uber affordable giant killer (think Nordost but with dynamics and a lifelike, vivid presentation) ● Fascino & Copper – World Reference level using 7N Ohno Continuous Cast Copper ● Absolute – a complete line of State-of-the-Art cables coming soon! - We are finalizing dealer pricing for the Fascino & Absolute lines. - The Mantra2 series will be available direct to keep pricing as low as possible. Mantra2 Direct Pricing: Interconnect Eichmann Bullet RCA (1m) $625 Loudspeaker BFA (nordost) Banana (2m) $725 AC Power Cord Gold-over-pure-copper (1.5m) $400 USB w/special damping (0.8m) $295 “Neutral Cable – neutral with musical emotion…from Italy!” --- For a limited time, we are including a Mantra2 AC Cord (1.5m) with any order of our near State-of-the-Art NORMA 2Mhz electronics from Cremona, Italy --- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mantra2 Review Excerpts: Mantra2 AC Power Cord Review Excerpts (S. Korea) "First, look at the accuracy of the soundstage & resolution." "The fast transients gave a feeling of being refreshed." "Appearance of the performer does not change and offers more dynamics than PAD (reference)." "But it adds quickness and weight where appropriate." "Cantante Domino" pipe organ intro is clear with authority and shows the negative rapid movement of the keyboard. The sleek, airy feel even when a clear contrast is drawn as a whole." "Diana Krall's "Look of Love" shows the atmosphere without exceeding the natural setting." "Hoang Maria Pires Mozart sonatas were played eight times with a lively atmosphere that was appropriate." "Deep soundstage, clear and transparent like a sunlit window and sound was close to a real piano." "The Mantra2 is such a cable - emotionally musical and is clearly a great cable." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mantra2 Interconnect - Fedeltà del Suono (FDS) (possible 5 stars) ● Transparency/Timbre 4½ ● Soundstage 4½ ● Dynamics 4 ● Bass Articulation 4 ● Midrange Resolution 4½ ● Treble Precision 4 ● Treble extension 4 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mantra2 USB Review Excerpts (S. Korean HiFi) (compared to Nordost BlueHeaven USB) “Neutral USB has more upper bandwidth which burst open and the sound is fast & furious eruption.” “Nuances and harmonics of instruments are accurately portrayed." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More info & review excerpts at Contact: ● tmh audio ● ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PS: we will soon have Press Releases introducing: - Ultra-high performance 300B SET monoblocks w/world finest transformers (100khz) - World Reference level loudspeakers with the following highlights: ● NO Crossover ● Custom, ultra-high precision Mid-Woofer eliminates xover ● 6N Silver internal wiring ● NO solder - hard crimped connections for highest quality sound ● High Sensitivity (96db to 102db) ● Ultra fast (ultimate PRAT!) ● 10Ω driver load offers lower distortion & better damping ● Extraordinary transparency & resolution Compatible with low watt tube amps and high power solid state designs
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