New 2012 Dared MC-7P pure tube preamp with phono, remote,A brand new (2012 model) Dared MC-7P preamp: World best full function pure-tube-based (7 tubes) preamp (line stage + phono stage) per $ you can buy ---- repeat again: 7 tubes + 4 gold tube capsu...889.00

New 2012 Dared MC-7P pure tube preamp with phono, remote, Advanced Tube preamp (7 tubes) [Expired]

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A brand new (2012 model) Dared MC-7P preamp: World best full function pure-tube-based (7 tubes) preamp (line stage + phono stage) per $ you can buy ---- repeat again: 7 tubes + 4 gold tube capsules + two separated transformers. The four 18k gold-plated solid brass tube capsules (7 oz weight each) cost more than the price I asked, since the current gold traded price reached over $1400 per oz. Buy it now before too later! Sealed in the original box. This preamp was specially made for US market, with three line-stage inputs and an MM phono input, two outputs, soft starter, etc., come with a wooden remote control. It meant to be one of the best preamps (>$2000 out there). The tube covers (shielders) are coated with 18K gold (since all signal tubes are shielded, the preamp is very quiet -- one of the quietest MM phono preamps). Tube socket and PCB are planted with 18K gold too (no oxide issue here, best contact and connection). All signal wires are pure silver. The circuit design is very complex (Three tubes are used in power supply section in the circuit), Dared engineers and audiophiles worked together to collect best designs available and optimized this one with state-art technologies by computer programs. Here is, you simply cannot get better one with this price, period. It uses 7 tubes and has two huge separate (yes separate--- only Dared design this way. Simply the best) power transformers: one for high DC volt and one for low volt of tube heaters and others. The capacitors use Audiophile grade and the key resistors use NOS AB and Vishay non-inductive. The tubes come with the amp are Chinese stock Ruby tubes. This preamp will bless ones who know what is the value of this preamp offers. Q1: what does mean MM phono input? A1: this preamp has about 40 dB gain phono stage build-in allows connecting to a turntable (Moving Magnet cartage) to listen your vinyl/LP records. This preamp is pure tube-based, so no IC or other types of solid state chips used. Why listen to vinyl/LP records? Because human ears hear analog sound waves in air, so the vinyl/LP records offer closest nature sound/music since the vinyl/LP preserve analog nature (no digitization process involved). Some music lovers and audiophiles do listen to vinyl/LP records, some ones listen to SACD also. Some of very best recording you can find are on vinyl/LP or/and SACD. Q2: I read that this preamp comes with gold-plated solid brass tube capsules that weigh over 7oz. each and individually shield the four 12AT7 and 12AX7 tubes. How much weight total and how thick gold has been coated? A2: The gold-coated solid brass tube capsules are heavy, along with the volume and input selector knobs and 6 pairs of gold-coated brass RCAs are weighted over 3.5 lbs. They are coated with thick 18-K gold. I really do not know how much they are worth now, but at current gold price reach about $1400 per oz. I would image if you can take them off the preamp and sell them just for gold they may be worth more than the price you pay for this preamp. Anyhow, no one makes a preamp like this one for sure. Paypal or major credit cards only. S/H fee is $35 to most cities within lower 48 states via ups ground. To Canada will be higher, about $99 via usps priority mail (usps do not charge you brokerage fee, unlike UPS and Fedex). Sorry I do not send this item oversea. If you want a best preamp, this one is your best bet on the market today! (Note: UK version of this preamp sells for $2000, click see, or google “fatman mothership” along with DV-200 monos sell for $10,000)
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