New 2012 Dared MP-2A3C SET2A3 tube SET int amp, pure SET New 2012 Dared MP-2A3C SET 2A3 tube SET int amp, pure SET  Sound. US limit EditionNew US limited Edition Dared MP-2A3C Single Ended Triode (SET) 2A3C tube integrated amplifier (Pure Class-A) by DARED Electronics Co. LTD. MSRP is over $1300. A typical Audiophile usually spent ov...869.00

New 2012 Dared MP-2A3C SET 2A3 tube SET int amp, pure SET Sound. US limit Edition [Expired]

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New US limited Edition Dared MP-2A3C Single Ended Triode (SET) 2A3C tube integrated amplifier (Pure Class-A) by DARED Electronics Co. LTD. MSRP is over $1300. A typical Audiophile usually spent over 40 years to quest for best amplifier before he/she died. The 1st 10 years: spent all the money and time on the solid-state amps; The 2nd 10 years: discovered tube amps, and spent all the money and time on both tube and solid-state amps (and cables as well as speakers, etc.); The 3rd 10 years: discovered tube SET amps, and spent all the money and time back and forth on the SS, tube PP and tube SET amps. The last >10 years: finally stayed with a low power tube SET amp and took it with him/her to the Heaven. How do you spend your next 40 years with your money and time? Do not repeat his/her mistake (you just cannot afford since you only have one life on the earth). Take this New US Limited Edition Dared MP-2A3C SET amp now and enjoy the music like you never experienced before. This amp will take you to the Heaven. Please do NOT confuse the MP-2A3C with the MP-7 and MP8 models (both MP7 and MP8 use 6L6 output tube. Dared had OEMed/made thousands of MP7 and MP8 amps for SANSUI Ueno 15, and Fatman iTube 182 (The Fatman iTube 182 is basically same amp of MP-15). The MP8 and Ueno 15 are the best selling of tube amps in the world now. It is THE first tube amp by these two major Japanese firms sold in Asia, and is THE first tube amp in history to pass all the Taiwan regulations (there are over hundreds brands of tube amps marketed in Taiwan, but only this one pass all the regulations testing). This is why it can be re-branded under SANYO MP8 and SANSUI Ueno 15 to market. However, the MP-2A3C is much better IMHO, because of (you have to understand following 3 key points in order to tell a diff between this model and other re-branded models): 1) It uses 2A3C tubes for true SET (single-end triode) output that performs like most 300B SET amps, but better than traditional 2A3 and 300B tubes in terms of music! You can compare this one to top 300B amps (click to see) (the Sanyo MP8 and SANSUI Ueno 15 use 6L6 power tube, and the iTube 182 uses KT88); 2) Audiophile parts for North America market (US limited version, see the table below). It uses top grade parts with 110 Volts only (North America version). It has an EM80/6E2 (or EM87) green cat's-eye tube (tube metering). The two light-green bars displayed on EM87 tube are dancing with the music. As the amp approaches full power, two light-green bars close in, from top and bottom (cat's eye close). If they touch, the amp has clipped. This amp preserves the superb resolution of details and gives pinpoint imaging with incredible sound purity. This amp is stereo (two channels only) and has three inputs with a select switch so you can connect CD player, Tuner, and Tape player or other sources. There are three speaker taps each channel, one for 8 Ohm, one for 4 Ohm and other one is ground. This amp is brand new, sealed in original box (all tubes, manual, and power cable are included in the original box). Now here are the facts. I believe this amp is THE best amp in its class (I know you will argue with me. But please note my statement implied a price reference point. I owned many high-end expensive amps, some of them were over $3000 amps. If you pick up top 150 high-end amps to compare, I would say this one may rank at top 20, click here to see. Open up those amps, and comparing with this amp wire by wire, part by part, frame by frame in all the details I found this amp indeed is very impressive) Please note this is newest US version. NOT the oversea version as shown in the link: (no soft starter, no gold sockets, etc) The amp is self-bias so there is no need of biasing if you change the tubes within same types. This amp maximized "Utility function" for your ears, eyes, and bank account. Don't not search online to buzz about design, tubes, parts, price, etc. If you do, you waste your time. As I said, it is max "Utility function" in terms of sound/build quality and price. Dared engineer team and audiophiles worked together to optimize this amp for Shugaung 2A3C tube specifically, which outperform most amps used regular 2A3 tubes. This is why it is called "MP-2A3C". The picture below shows a comparison between Shugaung 2A3C and RCA 2A3 tubes. As you will see, the plate of Shugaung is much longer which is almost twice as long as that of RCA. The Shugaung 2A3C is similar to 300B tube, but designed with 2A3 spec. So you will get “full music” from 2A3C, just like 300B but probably better. However, I confirmed with Dared that this amp can use following brands of 2A3 tubes (including the 2A3-Z), give a great result too: This amp will sound like $10,000 amp if you have a good speaker to match with. There are lots good SE speakers today, just go to search one. If budget is your concern, you may just consider starting with Klipsch speakers. They are very good with high dB and cheap too. Klipsch Synergy SB-3 (94 dB) sells for $350, Klipsch Synergy III F-1 (94 dB) sells for $260 and the III F-3 (98 dB) sells only for $450 at BestBuy. Also you may try some cheap full range horns like: Loth-X BS-1 ($599), Omega TS1 (under $699) or Moth Audio Cicada (under $699). The Coincident speakers are very good speakers to start with too, but more expensive. You will be amazed how good the sound comes out with this amp. To learn more about speakers for this amp, click here to see. Shiping/Handling Fee and Payment Methods: Winner will pay S/H/Insurance fee (about $39 within 48 states) via Fedex ground. It may take 2 - 4 days to most cities of US. I will NOT ship this amp to oversea except to Canada (shipping will be much higher, $115 via usps priority mail – they do not charge you brokerage fee). I accept Paypal or major CC only.
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