New Dared VP-300B tube SET monoblockNew Dared  VP-300B tube SET monoblock amps, US limited Ed...789.00

New Dared VP-300B tube SET monoblock amps, US limited Ed [Expired]

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Brand new 2011 model Dared VP-300B (300B) Tube SET Stereo Monoblock Amplifiers




US limited edition.............Exceptional Reliable....... High Quality Integrated Amplifiers!!

It is specially designed for the audiophiles, and music lovers. This amp is North America version, which uses 110 Volts only, and is designed for human ear, not for testing equipment (click here to see).

Click to see the GoodSound magazine review(note: the efficiency of the speakers used by Reviewer were < 89 dB. The VP-300B would perform far better if the efficiency of the speakers > 90 dB. I use 92 dB efficient speakers by myself and my room is about 20' X30' and I listen to all sort of music). The sound even better than some of much expensive ones: top 300B amps (click to see).


The new Limited Edition model is better ever (has following 5 major improvements compared to the older models reviewed by GoodSound magazine):

1.   The coupling capacitors are Audiophile grade capacitors.

2.   Tube sockets and PC board are 18 K gold coated

3.   The signal wires are pure silver (shield).

4.   Key resistors are AB NOS resistors.

5.   5-way large gold speaker binding posts (shield).

6.   The dielectric (power filter) capacitors are Japan made (NIPPON Chemi-Con) high quality Aluminum Electrolytic capacitors (operating temperature up to 105 C degree with 20,000 hours lifetime at that temperature according to the spec), and the dielectric bypass capacitors of power tubes are Japan made (Nichicon).

These amps are designed with a separated power supply, three pieces with two monoblocks and one power box. These beautiful amps are designed with Class-A Single-Ended Triode (so-called "SET") for 300B power tube with no negative feedback. The separated monoblock amplifiers for each channel create maximum separation and eliminate any interference between the channels to preserve true sound stage. The high-current independent toroidal power supply is exceptionally quiet. Since the power supply is separated from the amps, it eliminates any interference between the power transformer and output transformers. Thus, it can preserve the high resolution of details and gives pinpoint imaging with maximum sound purity. Each amp has a volume control and accepts wide range of level inputs (CD, Tape, etc.). So it is sort of "integrated amp", but it performs great with a feed from a preamp (just leave volume at about 2O'clock position and use volume of your premap for volume control). So they are Power amps. They are brand new, sealed in original box.

  • The preamp and drive stages use two well-known low noise 12AU7 type tubes, respectively (the 12AU7 tubes are included in this sale).
  • The power stage uses a 300B triode tube to Class-A Single-Ended which give about max 9 watt. This amp has self (auto)-bias, so there is no need of bias if you change any tube within common 300B type. Unlike the older version, the new VP-300B has been optimized for most common 300B tubes.  
  • IMPORTANT note: This package is BRAND NEW, which sealed in original manufacture box. This sale includes every thing you see in the pictures (plus all the power cables which are not showing in the pictures), except for the two 300B tubes. The 300B tubes are NOT included in this sale. Due to the fact that the 300B tubes are widely available in USA today, and that most audiophile like to try own favor brands of 300B tube, so I do not include the 300B tube in this sale. I think this is most cost-effective way so that you can spend less for the amp and buy your own favor 300B tubes. The new VP-300B takes any brand of 300B tubes available in the market today.
  • The frame uses all aluminum alloys (chrome), and the front and side panels are solid woods. Large Gold plated speaker binding posts. It uses high quality coupling capacitors and transformers, pure silver signal wires and optimal designed board. All wiring of point-to-point, point-to-board, and path on the board are optimized to be shortest possible. It has superior transient response and produces precisely details and very accurate sound. In terms of price vs. performance, these new Class-A single-end 300B monoblocks certainly embarrass other brand names of 300B or 2A3 monoblocks in the market.  

Summary on unique features of US model Dared VP-300B

  • High quality "ER-Core" output Transformers (use QA oxygen-free high-conductivity copper (OFHC) and high permeability Si-steel (Silicon steel, Hipersil from Japan) sheet coil adopt sectionalized, stratified and strands parallel winding): they are bigger and heavier than that of Cary CAD-300 SEI (retail $4500)
  • The high-current independent toroidal power transformer: it is exceptionally quiet and cool
  • Separated power supply: they eliminate any possible interference between power source and amps (only DC cables go between the power supply and amps), produce pure clean sound
  • Monoblocks: they eliminate any possible interference between the channels to preserve true sound stage/imaging
  • Gold tube sockets and PCB! Absolutely minimum oxide effect! Preserve pure sound! (Those over $5000 amps out there will not offer this, period)
  • AB NOS resistors used in the signal paths.
  • Zero feedback and SET class-A open circuit: wide open and accurate sound with incredible dynamics
  • Pure silver (shield) signal and loop wires and double-side (layer) gold board with shortest paths, gold RCAs and 5-say gold speaker binding posts. Each amp has a hum pot inside: fast and transparent and one of the quietest 300B amps on the market today!

         All wires (high gauge wires) of point-to-point, point-to-board, and path on the board are optimized to be shortest possible. There is no messy/lengthy/spaghetti point-to-point wiring in these amps.


Retail price $1400 plus tax !



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Input Power :  



Output Power :  

 9 (max) watts x 2 


Ohm :  

 4 ohms 8 ohms


Output Tube :  

 300B x 2


Input/Driver Tube :  

 12AU7 x 4



Frequency :  

 20Hz-30KHz +/-1 dB


Distortion :  

 Less than 1% at full power


Signal/Noise Ratio :  



Audio Input :  

 1 RCA Input


Audio Output :  

 2 groups with 2 x GND (4 and 8 Ohm)


Input Consumption :  



Weight :  

 48 lb



Colour :  

 Black on the transformer cover


Packing Includes :  

 All except 300B tube



 Standard 1.5m (5 ft) AC Power Cord, two 3 ft DC power cables





Guarantee: 100% Brand New sealed in Original Box.

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