NolaBaby Grand Ref.Nola Baby Grand Ref. dealer demos call for priceRarely seen here, we have a dealer demo set of the phenomenal Nola Baby Grand Reference speakers in the custom brown rosewood finish (same as standard on Nola Grand Reference). The speakers are in...55000.00

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Rarely seen here, we have a dealer demo set of the phenomenal Nola Baby Grand Reference speakers in the custom brown rosewood finish (same as standard on Nola Grand Reference). The speakers are in excellent condition. For very special demo pricing or more information please email or phone Steve at 404-373-4279 or 404-524-7354 x 10. The speakers are available for audition in Atlanta and can be shipped via freightline.

At the January 2008 CES, Accent Speaker Technology introduced the Nola Baby Grand Reference loudspeaker. Four years of research have gone into this product, as it uses the same technology found in our flagship $145,000 Nola Grand Reference. The Baby Grand is a smaller two-tower system utilizing the exact same transducers as are found in the Grand Reference in order to provide the same quality. A pair of Baby Grand towers employs four 9-inch magnesium woofers, eight 4½-inch open baffle dipole midranges with Alnico magnets, and eight 4-inch true ribbon tweeters with neodymium magnets. The drivers are arrayed in a unique mirror-imaged, short line source, open baffle array. Enclosure coloration throughout the middle and high frequencies is non-existent. This unique design produces life-sized images while retaining focus and sounds "live" instead of the typical mechanical sound of most loudspeakers.The 3½-way passive Xtreme Crossover is mounted in an external unit to further free the loudspeaker from coloration due to crossover component vibration. The Xtreme Crossover utilizes state of the art passive components as are used in the Nola Grand Reference. The Baby Grand comes with a ball-bearing speaker isolation base to free it from the sound of coloration due to floor vibrations. The Xtreme Crossover is bi-wired to the amplifier and is connected to the speaker via the supplied Nordost Valhalla mono-filament jumpers.

Frequency Range: 20 Hz to 45 kHz
Dimensions: 62 inches H x 12 inches W x 16 inches D (overall with bases); 18 inches W x 22 inches D (bases)
Sensitivity: 89 dB
Weight: 150 lb. net per side
Finish: Brown Rosewood (Towers) and True Piano Black (Bases)

Quotes about the Baby Grands:
"In sum, the Nola Baby Grand Reference is one very very fine, very very realistic, very very easy-to-listen-to loudspeaker. And -- and this is nearly unique -- it maintains all of its remarkable virtues on every kind of music, from rhapsody to rap. If I were in the market at this price point, I would give the Baby Grands a long careful audition. (To be fair, I would also listen very carefully to the same-priced Magico Q5s.) The Nola Baby Grand References may not inculcate the latest cutting-edge technology, but they are most certainly capable of cutting-edge sound, in many respects as good as -- and in some, better than -- the finest I've heard. They earn my highest recommendation."--Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound

"There is nothing "baby" about the Baby Grand's. Perhaps they might be better dubbed the Concert Grands, because the sound is huge an uncannily concert-like. These do not suffer from the very contagious "Hi-Fi-itis" that plagues most speakers, even in this price range. If there is a more natural sounding speaker system out there, please let me know. I have heard thousands over the years and I can't think of any. There was never a sense of any sound coming from the towers. Utterly invisible. And they will play very loud without a sense of strain."--Stereomojo
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