Oris (BD Design)200Oris (BD Design) 200 Horn Speakers and Bass CabinetsThese are the units that have given me so much pleasure. The photos make the Oris 200 horns look big but, in fact, they're quite small. The horn itself only has a diameter of 21", that's less than ...2800.00

Oris (BD Design) 200 Horn Speakers and Bass Cabinets [Expired]

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There have been numerous questions on the bass cabinets. Ron Welborne (Welborne Audio) was involved early on with the distribution of Bert's Oris speakers. From the Onken design suggested by BD, Ron developed a much costlier Cabaz bass enclosure that, unlike the Onken, did not require electronic crossovers. These high efficiency bass cabinets allowed "one to drive the whole Oris System with one low powered Single Ended amplifier" (Ron Welborne). "The Cabaz consists of two 8", 16ohm Cabasse drivers wired parallel in a bass reflex enclosure. It's dimensions are 14"Wx28"Hx20"D with sloped cabinet fronts to provide good coupling between the Cabasse drivers, Oris horns and also the floor. Low frequency response is a measured -3db at 40Hz with good usable bass down to 25Hz"(Welborne). These bass cabinets are constructed with MDF and 3/4" hardwood (oak or maple, can't remember which, but is reason for weight). The low pass wiring is a 4ohm resistor in series and an 8 ohm resistor in parallel to the Oris horns (Lowthers) and a 47uF cap in parallel to the two Cabasse. Very simple.

These are the units that have given me so much pleasure. The photos make the Oris 200 horns look big but, in fact, they're quite small. The horn itself only has a diameter of 21", that's less than 2' wide. The bass units measure 14" wide by 21" deep by 29" high. I had the Oris 150 before these and the WAF was ok (not great) but these are not only smoother sounding but they are smaller. These speakers stopped my quest for perfect sound. From ARs (Villchur) and KLHs (Kloss) in the 50/60s through perhaps 20-30 others, including Gallos, MLogans, etc. these were the units that ended it all. Great thanks to my late friend, Harvey Rosenberg (and do get "Search for Musical Ecstasy", for it will change your thoughts about this obsession. Unfortunately, about $170 for a used paperback on Amazon!). To the dry stuff first: the loudspeakers in the horns are Lowther DX3, with brass phase plugs. They are high ferric, rare earth speakers considered to be amongst the best in the world: 1. these are full range speakers (30-22000 khz) so that separate tweeters, midranges, and woofers with their ancilliary crossovers are NOT required; 2. since the sound comes from a single voice coil, the detail, accuracy and realism is unmatched; 3. Lowther uses the lightest cones, strongest magnets, and most rigid frames so that clarity, speed and low distortion are incredible; 4. since the sound comes from a single source, the imaging and soundstage cannot be matched; 5. these are the most efficient speakers sold so that the dynamics, transient speed are startling. The bass cabinets were constructed by a master cabinetmaker under Bert Doppenberg's blueprints and instructions for the Onkens. The have four Cabasse bass speakers. These Cabasse speakers are well known in Europe producing tech breaking speakers selling for $200,000+ (not a misprint). Canon just bought Cabasse since they are popular (at their price point) in Asia. Go into their website to enjoy yourself. The horns and bass cabinets are wired with thin, 99.9% pure silver wiring into Cardas posts. The thin wiring is a pain to secure but I have tested the sound against other very expensive wiring and there was no comparison. There are no electronic crossovers anywhere and the only thing between the amps and all 6 speakers is a Hovland cap to sharply cut the frequency at 150hz. That's it. The horns, cabinets, speakers, wires will be packaged separately in secure boxes. The bass cabinets are approximately 65 pounds each so they meet the UPS weight/dimension requirements. BTW, I did not paint the horns although this seems to be a popular mod: auto paint in red or whatever color suits the decor. To the sound: instead of blowing my own horn (couldn't resist it), read the online reviews. To the initiated, there's no need for elaboration. To the rest of you, keep reading Stereophile, Absolute Sound because, unless you have heard horns powered by simple, silent SETs or good OTLs, you will never appreciate what (Gizmo's) musical ecstasy is about. I am pricing the Oris 200 with all 6 speakers at $2800 for a quick sale of which the cost of the 6 speakers alone is a major portion of the price.
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