OTL monoblocks1212 designsOTL monoblocks 1212 designs 6AS7 (6080)This is my second pair of these incredible amps. I bought a second pair as I loved them so much and thought they were such a bargain in this crazy obsession. I sold the last pair for the same price...1495.00

OTL monoblocks 1212 designs 6AS7 (6080) [Expired]

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This is my second pair of these incredible amps. I bought a second pair as I loved them so much and thought they were such a bargain in this crazy obsession. I sold the last pair for the same price maybe six months ago and they sold within the hour. Nonetheless, feel free to submit an offer if you're feeling lucky! I've included shipping and pp here to make it even easier... Where to start? These things are just awesome. Everything you've ever read about the OTL sound, you can get here for cheap (I think the only OTL you will find cheaper is the fleawatt Transcendent kit and you will have to build it yourself, unfortunately). I will say this, though: having had many of the OTL offerings from Atma-sphere, Transcendent, Berning and others, I would characterize the sound of these as definitely on the SET-like side of the spectrum. Still fantabulously transparent, immediate, all that, but the tonal balance seems to be: silkier, slightly softer (slightly more recessed?) highs, amazing, more forward midrange, and a slightly plumper but prominent low end. If you ever found Atma gear harsh, or Berning too incisive than these could be the ticket. There is a clarity, a transparency, an immediate spooky "alive" quality to these that you just don't get with output transformers. These have the most transparent midrange I've ever heard in an amp (yes, including the Cary 805cs I just sold) and the highs are effortless and the bass is full, and robust through my Phy open baffles. The fellow who bought my other pair hooked them up to Avantgarde Duos and was very happy. They are also one of the quietest tube amps I've had in my Universe/Triplanar/VPI/Maxxed out K&K/Allnic 4000/Phy combo. These are exceptionally well made. The fellow who made them did have a site (1212 designs) though it is down now. Maybe you can find a cache on waybackmachine or something. They were made just over a year ago. Some specs, in no particular order (please email me if I forgot anything): -Four 6AS7/6080, one 12at7 and one 12sn7 per amp. ( Output tubes are nice metal base, triple mica Sylvanias 6080s, and I believe the others are GE) -Rated 35wpc output into 8 ohm (30 into 4, 45 into 16) -Output impedance 6ohm (measured w/ 8 ohm load) -Freq. response 10Hz-50KhZ -Overall neg. feedback 21.5dB -Input sensitivity 2.7 VRMS (full power with 8 ohm load) -Professionally built, all point to point wiring, no boards. -Nice auto-quality lacquered chassis -Speaker protection provided with both output tubes and speaker fuses (nice fuse holders, too. They light up when blown) -Approx. dimensions: 16"x10"x9" -21 lbs each Amps are based on the published designs of Dickie/Macovski, Futterman, and Tomcik/Wiggins. The builder obviously used modern parts for better performance and reliability. One of the features I really like (and which I never see on other amps) is how the amp will shut down if overloaded and trip the fast-acting fuse, whose holder will start flashing a bright orange alerting you to the blown fuse, which you can then change and be up and running again. I once plugged in a full 2mv signal (mistakenly, from a playing cd player) and the amp immediately let me know my mistake. A quick look to the back showed which fuse blew (flashing) and we were up and running again within seconds. Brilliant! The amp will also do this if the volume gets too loud and the amp get's pushed beyond it's capabilities (this has also happened to me accidentally). A very well made amp... I believe the volume pots have been taken out on this pair, though could be rewired in. Also, the speaker posts and RCA jacks have been upgraded over stock. Amps come with clean black tube cages, excellent styrofoam packing/boxes and extensive manual with schematics, info etc. I will cover domestic insured ground shipping if you can mark the paypal payment as "personal" (or, you are welcome to add the 2.9% if you would like their services). MO, check, bank wire, local pick-up all fine as well. Will gladly ship worldwide, please inquire about shipping quote. Payment is expected immediately. A decent manual/schematic from builder is also included. I think that's it. Please let me know if you have any other questions or offers. I will miss these! Thanks, Mike
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