Revelation Audio LabsCryoSilver Reference headphone cablenewRevelation Audio Labs CryoSilver Reference headphone cable all makes Focal Audeze HiFiMan AKG Mr Speakers SennheiserCable is hand crafted to order in queue. Now accepting orders for delivery next month. Your payment in full commissions your order. Please expect a 30 day lead time.NEWS ALERT Revelation Audio L...499.00

Revelation Audio Labs CryoSilver Reference headphone cable all makes Focal Audeze HiFiMan AKG Mr Speakers Sennheiser [Expired]

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Cable is hand crafted to order in queue.  Now accepting orders for delivery next month.  Your payment in full commissions your order.  Please expect a 30 day lead time.


Revelation Audio Labs is very proud to be the recipient of a highly prestigious award from a "top two" high end audio print magazine, the announcement to be published in an upcoming issue.  Stay tuned for details.

Revelation Audio Labs CryoSilver Reference headphone cable

Exclusive VACUUM deep cryogenic treatment.

Fully conditioned on the audiodharma Cable Cooker.

All cables individually hand crafted in Palm Coast, Florida, the United States of America.  

As testament to the trust shown us, our integrity, our quality, our history, our design excellence, and our technical expertise, Revelation Audio Labs is the only high end audio cable company in the world that can make the claim it has been awarded contracts by NASA over the last several years to supply digital cables for in-flight use on NASA missions. None of the world's Top 5 audio cable manufacturers can claim that.  In fact no other high end audio manufacturer PERIOD has that distinction. We make this statement here, simply because we owe a huge debt of gratitude for that honor to all our friends and customers here on AudiogoN. Our sincere and heartfelt "THANK YOU" to all of YOU for that.

It has already been nearly ten years since we first featured our CryoSilver Reference™ headphone cable on AudiogoN. That led to making cables for many different headphones, not to mention the scores of headphone rewiring projects we were commissioned for by customers owning headphones with captive headphones (think Ultrasone Edition 9, AKG K-701, etc.). After numerous very happy customers, continuous revisions and evolution of improvements, we now offer our latest and best. All our experience and listening to our customers has led us to this cable. Cost - no object. The best of everything. A very complicated cable with regard to the demands that are placed upon it, and an intimate understanding of those needs is necessary to achieve a world-class performer. A true high end analog interconnect - in a headphone cable. Yet the requisite differences.  High current capacity to optimize today's best planar headphone models. Therefore to be designed properly it also must possess many of the qualities to parallel an excellent loudspeaker cable. Designed to be the world's finest headphone cable, yet available at a real-world price point.

As we originated our unique design, we remain as the world's only headphone cable employing the combination we offer - essentially deep cryogenically treated solid core silver conductors within air dielectrics, inside of our new CCIC (Conductive Carbon Infused Composite) outer jacket.   

This advanced technology composite material provides non-microphonic low mass and metal-free EMI/RFI/EMF shielding of the cable, however without draining captured noise energy into the audio signal ground. 

The negative affects that static electrical fields and charges have on audio cables is well documented.  In addition to vitally shielding electrical and electronic pollution, crucially the CCIC (Conductive Carbon Infused Composite) jacket provides ESD (Electro Static Discharge) protection as it actually dissipates static fields and charges, also eliminating static electrical charges from accumulating in the first place, as their presence robs performance as it does with standard strictly insulative cable jacket materials.

Another concern is a single electrostatic discharge event can compromise, damage or even destroy the sensitive circuitry within your audio equipment.

There are a number of products on the market that address the problem of static electrical fields once they become present in our audio systems. Our unique design feature attacks the issue at the source through the proactive, preventative approach. Above what a mere metallic conductive material provides, the composite material absorbs and dissipates static electricity charge build-ups, which typically occur naturally on common non-conductive cable insulating materials. It is stunning to realize these static charge potentials can be in the thousands of volts. All areas of audio performance are enhanced by removing static electrical fields and charges from the surfaces of cables. This graphine composite material is derived from the structural surface materials employed in military stealth aircraft, to absorb, dissipate and therefore virtually eliminate external radiated energy (such as radar in their case), as opposed to metallic materials which do not dissipate the energy.

This cable will be custom made to order just for you (photo shows one customer's cable as an example). Any make, and model of headphone. You specify the make and model of headphone, we will employ the respective appropriate conductor array. Specify the length required, and your choice of input termination (3.5mm or 1/4"plug, single 4-pin XLR or pair of 3-pin XLR). You may even "hot rod" your cable by specifying optional premium upgrade Furutech connectors. Send an e-mail to:  [email protected] and we will go from there.

The listed price is for our standard 2-meter length. Add $75 per additional half-meter.

We encourage you to please visit our web site for a full thesis on our other design technologies: but as a brief synopsis, this cable features:   

• Deep cryogenically treated five-nines (5N) ultra-pure solid core CryoSilver™ conductors   

• Big Air™ dielectrics   

• Clear Teflon isolator tubes. As a material, one may believe, "Teflon is Teflon", however our years research and testing has proven that there are distinct sonic differences between Teflon suppliers. Most Teflon today is manufactured in China. Our Teflon is manufactured here in the United States. In fact we seek and procure rare supplies of N.O.S. (new old stock) Teflon from the 1960's, as these vintage materials posses signature qualities that late manufactured materials do not render.

• CCIC (Conductive Carbon Infused Composite) outer jacket

• Each cable is fully balanced - separate discreet "+" and "-" conductor poles from end to end - from the input plug to each earpiece

• All highest quality connectors - our standard 3.5mm and 1/4" plugs are solderless.  The importance of the type of solder employed to good sound is the subject of much research and discussion.  However, the best-sounding solder is simply - NO SOLDER.  Our standard Swiss-made Neutrik XLR connectors feature silver contacts for seamless material compatibility and synergy with our conductor material   

• All internal conductor-to-connector solderless terminations are treated with Furutech NANO Liquid GOLD / SILVER / C30H50 during assembly   

• Cables are fully conditioned on our audiodharma Cable Cooker and appropriate connector contacts are treated with Furutech NANO Liquid GOLD / SILVER / C30H50 prior to shipment     

Keep this in mind. We are uniquely positioned to custom-build any cable to accommodate your requirements and/or specifications, utilizing our highly reviewed technologies—such as to substitute for an inferior “stock” cable. You will literally be amazed at the performance enhancement such an upgrade will make. Every customer has stated it is the most cost-effective improvement they had ever made to their system, surpassing an equipment replacement upgrade! We would also be delighted to “hot rod” any of our cable designs to your specifications. Our designs are in use in fine audio studios and other professional applications worldwide. 


We pay the cost of shipping anywhere. 

We prefer PayPal, but will only accept a check or postal money order from U.S. buyer, or only a postal money order from a Canadian buyer.   

We offer a 6-month no-interest financing program.   

Active on AudiogoN since February 2000, we now celebrate our nineteenth year of selling our cables on AudiogoN! View our two decades of great buyer feedbacks. What other cable maker selling on AudiogoN can make that claim? There is no other.  We are very proud of our success on AudiogoN, and for all the many great people it has enabled us to meet and serve. Thank you for your support.   

Revelation Audio Labs does not offer various models, with their respective price points, for a prospective application. This is because each of our cables is simply the very best that it can possibly be, and comparable to the very finest cables available. Yet, our prices are very competitive, because our factory-direct sales eliminate inevitable distributor mark-up.  

Of course, we primarily sell directly to the end user, to save you money, but our cables are also proudly carried by the insistence of these fine high end audio dealers:   

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True Audiophile (Portland, OR)    

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