P S AudioUltimate Lab Cable LERare opportunity to purchase a collectors item. I have a P S Audio Ultimate Lab Cable LE available for purchase. The cable is rated 8/10 for age only. As you look at the pictures you will notice th...450.00

P S Audio Ultimate Lab Cable LE 2M 115V [Expired]

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Rare opportunity to purchase a collectors item. I have a P S Audio Ultimate Lab Cable LE available for purchase. The cable is rated 8/10 for age only. As you look at the pictures you will notice the protective cover (white) over the Ultimate Outlet Power Coupler. I slid back the cover slightly so the blue casing can be seen. The protective cover has never been removed so the casing is as new. Reasonable offers will be considered. Please read the review below. Buyer pays Palpal fees (3%) and shipping costs. 1-Jun-01 PS Audio Introduces The Ultimate Lab Cable, Limited Edition, For Unrivalled Power Delivery Unique System Combines Best Features Of Multi-Shielded Lab Cable And Ultimate Outlet To Enhance A/V Systems And Home Theatres PS Audio, an innovator for the last 30 years in developing superb high performance audio components at reasonable prices, introduced the most unique achievement in its family of innovative power delivery solutions, the PS Audio Ultimate Lab Cable, Limited Edition. The Ultimate Lab Cable, LE, is a complete power delivery system suitable for AC power, power amplifier outputs, and all high performance components worth protecting. It boldly fulfills the primary responsibilities of a power cable to deliver significant power without introducing noise or current restrictions - qualities essential in protecting A/V and home theater systems against noise while providing the power needed for maximum performance. At the same time, it enhances the performance of both audio and video components, improving a system ís dynamics and its overall sense of musicality. The Ultimate Lab Cable achieves this by combining the noise protection and power delivery capabilities of PS Audio ís highly regarded original Lab Cable with the non-current limiting and lowered impedance benefits of the new high current Ultimate Outlet Power Coupler, enabling users to experience the impact of an optimal power interface on their A/V or home theater equipment. PS Audio ís marriage of power and perfection is simply the best, most complete AC power cord ever made for use on high resolution audio, video, computer, or other sensitive equipment. While Ultimate Lab Cables may again be offered in the future, the Limited Edition units are absolutely unique, hand built, and serially numbered on specially designed midnight-blue chassis. While exceptionally functional, they are also true collector's models. The Ultimate Lab Cableís benefits are drawn from features designed for both the Lab Cable and the Ultimate Outlet Power Coupler, and include: - Unique tri-axial shielding for maximum protection against stray radio, magnetic, and inductive interference. - Up to 40dB of common-mode and differential noise reduction on the AC line at all frequencies, as well as electrical isolation from other components. Whatever noise is on the line will be reduced by a factor of more than 100. - Maximum energy storage and the quickest current delivery of any AC power cable on the market. This is a result of 66 percent lower effective load impedance created by PS Audio's proprietary 40-amp Balanced Power Coupler. Sonically, this yields quicker transients and an overall improvement in system dynamics and musicality. - Non-MOV-based built-in surge suppression and spike protection to guard against extreme voltage, lightning, and power surges. The cable ís unique, new protective circuitry includes a user-replaceable fusible link to ensure owners will always enjoy protection, even after a catastrophic event. - A flexible open-weave braid applied to the cable ís entire length to protect the finish against scuffing. The braid also helps dissipate static buildup, which can affect cable performance. - Optimized direct connection circuitry. To perfectly unite the Ultimate Lab Cable ís primary components, PS Audio engineers completely redesigned the Ultimate Outlet chassis, enlarging it to accommodate additional circuitry and termination of the Lab Cableís enormous 6-gauge conductors. To ensure isolation from external vibrations, they added a removable, wide platform base with Neoprene damping suspension and machined Delron feet. Finally, the chassis was polished to a glossy mirror-like finish and anodized a dark midnight blue. The serial number engraved onto each unit makes it both unique and a collectible any audiophile would be proud to own. The Ultimate Lab Cable, like the original, emphasizes shielding and copper surface area, both critical factors in any power delivery system. Two shields are woven over each of the cableís two power conductors, which are further protected from RF and EMI radiated fields by another woven copper braid over the entire cable assembly. This tri-axial shielding arrangement lowers induced noise by a minimum of -70dB, where -24dB is considered excellent. Because considerable conductor surface area is necessary for unrestricted electron flow and low DC resistance, each of the two power conductors is composed of 6-gauge, 99.92 percent pure copper, arranged as 1,057 strands of 36-gauge wire. Using thousands of strands of very fine gauge wire allows the cable to be flexible, while capable of handling in excess of 50 amps. The value of the Ultimate Outlet Power Coupler lies in its circuitry's ability to eliminate common mode noise, which is picked up from radiated sources like cell phones and computers, and differential noise, which is generated by a home's appliances and other equipment. The circuitry also protects equipment from surges and spikes, and reduces the output impedance of AC power from the wall outlet by a factor of three. Because the circuitry is bi-directional, it prevents noise from getting into your equipment as well as stopping the noises they generate from getting onto the line and affecting other components. The Ultimate Outlet Power Coupler produces up to 20 amps of preconditioned, clean power through a precision wound Balun, which is a Torroidal transformer core with identical balanced windings around each half of the donut-shaped Torroid. Wound with hundreds of strands of copper Litz wire and terminated in a network of Class X2 and Class Y2 film capacitors, the Ultimate Outlet lowers overall output impedance by a factor of three. The Ultimate Outlet can handle any load common to wall outlets - up to 30 amps, or over 3000 watts. This means it will provide protection for virtually any size power amplifier, PS Audio Power Plant, video projector, TV, or other source component. By seamlessly combining the Lab Cable with the Ultimate Outlet Power Coupler, PS Audio has created an innovative, unique power solution that embodies the individual attention to detail its serial numbers signify. Each Ultimate Lab Cable is available with either a 220V or 115V, 15A or 20A U.S. male plug, and a standard 15A IEC connection, designed to fit each customers specific needs. The Ultimate Lab Cable, Limited Edition, is available in two- and three-meter versions for $1,395 and $1,595, respectively. Actual lengths are somewhat longer as the cables include the 9-inch long Ultimate Outlet chassis and AC connectors.
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