Panasonic PremierTH-65VX100UPANASONIC PREMIERE TH-65VX100U --- A new generation of plasma displays.SPECIAL PURCHASE // NEW IN BOX – A-STOCK FULL FACTORY WARRANTY --- DON’T MISS OUT (below normal dealer cost) – it will...3900.00

Panasonic Premier TH-65VX100U Plasma Monitor 65" [Expired]

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PANASONIC PREMIERE TH-65VX100U --- A new generation of plasma displays.


FULL FACTORY WARRANTY --- DON’T MISS OUT (below normal dealer cost) – it will not happen again!!!!!

You can own the best flat panel monitor on the market for the price of a mediocre TV.

Far more than just a plasma TV!!!

Designed for the discriminating video enthusiast, the new Premiere Plasma leaves no detail to chance - bringing custom-install, studio-level monitor performance to the home-theater experience.

•Industry-leading 7,160 steps of gradation – 120% of HDTV color standard.

•Industry-leading 18-bit processing.

•60,000:1 contrast ratio.

•24 adjustment menus including Six gamma curve options.

•Internal scaler bypass function (a great feature to have).

•16 user programmable adjustment settings (memories).

•Exclusive plug-in architecture – multi-function slots accept an array of different input modules

•Abundant terminals – 4 x HDMI + Component Video.

•Stylish black brushed aluminum hairline bezel.

There’s more to great plasma images than black levels – there’s also the level of black detail.

And no plasma reveals dark details better than the new Premier Series plasmas.

To see a picture this good, this big, with deep black and yet a bright picture with rich color…is stunning! This redefines “Quality Time”.

With Pioneer exiting the TV business, Panasonic Pro stands solo at the top of the mountain.

And with the Panasonic Premier, now they own the mountain!

We have been installing the Panasonic Professional plasmas for over eight years and have yet to see a failure!

Reliable, period!!!

Why? Because the Pro models are better built across the board – rated to run 24/7 in commercial venues (full 2-year warranty)...essentially “broadcast monitors”. Check it out for yourself - read the fine print in the warranty of any consumer grade flat panel (Plasma, LCD, LED, etc) that “warranty” is void if the unit is installed in a commercial venue!

And now, Panasonic Premier raises the bar even further - the best TV performance on the market.

Panasonic Premier 65 Review: By Terry Paullin of Widescreen Review:
"The Premier rendered this NTSC cadre nearly as well as anything I have seen this side of a $40k front projector. Some say it’s easy to make HD look good. I used to believe that myself. But now that we are transitioning from the mass market to the lets-build-it-as-cheap-as-we-can market, I‘m constantly reminded that not all HD is created (or rendered) equal. While PDPs in general are superior display devices (compared to LCD based technologies), the difference between plasmas is ever more apparent. The Pioneer Kuro took a huge step ahead of everything else out there and now the Premier has joined/replaced that vaulted position. I don’t recall seeing anything better looking including the several Kuros I’ve calibrated.
Throughout 2008 I was very thankful for the Pioneer Elite Kuro. Now comes the Panasonic Premier with nearly 15% more viewing area (a more enveloping movie experience) and arguably better performance and most certainly easier, more versatile set-up. All hail the new PDP King, the Panasonic Premier!"

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