ParadigmSignature SpeakersParadigm Signature Speakers s8, c5, sigadp, sig servoParadigm Signature Home Theater Speaker Systemx2 - Signature S8 Floorstanding Speakersx1 - Signature C5 Center Channel Speakerx4 - Signature ADP Surround Speakersx2 - Signature Servo 15'' Subwoofer...11250.00

Paradigm Signature Speakers s8, c5, sigadp, sig servo [Expired]

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Paradigm Signature Home Theater Speaker System

x2 - Signature S8 Floorstanding Speakers
x1 - Signature C5 Center Channel Speaker
x4 - Signature ADP Surround Speakers
x2 - Signature Servo 15'' Subwoofers

This system is a complete 7.2 channel home theater system. All of the speakers and subwoofers are in the Birdseye Maple finish. All speakers are v.1 Signatures. The system was used in a demo theater at a specialty dealer. The system is being sold as a complete speaker package. All speakers are in excellent condition except one subwoofer has three nicks on the top and the frame of the center channel grille is cracked but the cloth is not damaged. Both are only noticeable under close scrutiny and do not affect the performance of the speakers whatsoever. Local pickup or arrange your own shipping. All speakers have the original boxes and packing.

The retail value on this speaker package is $21,200. This is a great opportunity for a tremendous deal. Spectacular speakers at a spectacular value.
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