Paradigm Signature Sub 1SubwooferParadigm Signature Sub 1 Subwoofer Gloss BlackThe Paradigm Sub 1 is one of a handful of the best subwoofers in the world. Capable of very low bass output at high levels, it yet manages to produce tight, precise, and musical notes making it equ...2575.00

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The Paradigm Sub 1 is one of a handful of the best subwoofers in the world. Capable of very low bass output at high levels, it yet manages to produce tight, precise, and musical notes making it equally adept at music and home theater. As well, it comes with a remarkably effective room correction system, Paradigm's PBK (Paradigm Bass Kit), which when used in conjunction with a computer (a laptop is most convenient) allows one to get the best possible response in-room. The best subwoofers combine sheer output capability allied with superior construction quality (both drivers and cabinet) to allow massive amounts of bass that is accurate, not ponderous. The Pradigm Sub 1 is a 109-pound sealed system with heavily-built woofers. What is unusual is that there are six of these woofers, arrayed two each on three faces of a hexagon-shaped cabinet. The advantages are lower moving mass per driver, and the hexagonal shape allows the drivers to self-cancel internally in the cabinet, reducing box vibration significantly and hence reducing vibration-induced distortion. It also allows a smaller physical size than might otherwise be required, reducing "footprint". This sub isn't tiny, but it's reasonably sized (20.25" H by 19 7/8" W by 17 7/8" D). Specifications (from Paradigm's site-search under Paradigm Sub 1): Hexagonal cabinet with multiple high-excursion drivers radially aligned in a Vibration-Canceling Design Architecture, patented built-in Ultra-Class-D™ power amplifier, sealed enclosure, PBK interface, removable grille Amplifier: High-Current, Discrete Output 3,400 watts Dynamic Peak / 1,700 watts RMS Amplifier Features: Auto-On / Off, Trigger On / Off, soft clipping, electrical shorting protection, thermal protection Bass Driver: Six 203-mm (8 in) mineral-filled co-polymer polypropylene cones, overmolded FEA-optimized NLC™ surrounds, 38-mm (1-1/2 in) four-layer long-excursion voice coils, high-temperature composite Nomex® formers, advanced spiders, 9.2-lb (4.16 kg) hard ferrite magnet / motor structure, AVS™ die-cast heatsink chassis Low-Frequency Extension*: 12 Hz (DIN) Subwoofer Cut-Off Frequency: Variable 35 Hz - 150 Hz; Bypass Option Sub / Sat Phase Alignment: Variable 0° - 180° Line-Level Input: RCA (S/E) Left and Right or Sub-Out / LFE or Balanced XLR. From Sub-Out / LFE-Out of preamp, processor or other line-level source Line-Level Input Sensitivity: 100 mV mono Line-Level Input Impedance: RCA: 10k ohms; XLR: 20k ohms Accessory Included: Paradigm Perfect Bass Kit Height, Width, Depth††: 51.6 cm x 50.5 cm x 45.5 cm 20-1/4 in x 19-14/16 in x 17-14/16 in Diameter of Hexagonal Cabinet: 50.5 cm 19-14/16 in Weight (unpacked): 49.4 kg / 109 lb each Thus, if you're looking for a musically adept subwoofer that is capable of remarkably extended output at very low frequencies, this is your sub. It's reproduction of the bass range is tight and extended, yet it's sheer output level will pressurize the room when movies (or music, for that matter) ask for it. As well, the Paradigm Bass Kit is a remarkable tool for harnessing the power of the sub to your room-not just some anechoic chamber. No advanced degree required-install the software on your computer, plug in the mic, and take several measurements. Load into the sub, you're done. All steps are prompted by the software. Included is a handy cycling tone and visual frequency response graph for initial subwoofer placement, also very handy. Play the tones, move the sub until you get the flattest result, then run the software for final (best) result. Finish is Black Gloss, and condition is excellent. It's been used since new (I'm the original owner) in a dedicated, non-smoking and non-pet room. It comes with the original box, manual, packing and Paradigm PBK kit, which ships separately. The kit consists of calibrated mic, stand, cabling and software. You will need a computer to make it work. There are two caveats to the appearance, one is that any Gloss finish has the usual fine marks -I guess it can be polished, (Meguiar's VTX?), but I can't see the point myself (I can't see anything unless I'm hunting for it). I always used the supplied white cloth gloves while moving it, but just removing dust from the cabinet leaves very fine surface marks. I also noticed while taking pictures last night that one of the grill pegs on one of the three grills is broken off, so I am ordering a new grill to make it perfect. Again, the condition is excellent, it looks terrific! I will ship via FedEx ground Insured or UPS, and will accept Paypal (please add 3%) a certified check after it's verified, or a bank transfer. I am a long-time Audiogon (back to paper issues!) user, and a verified Paypal member. Amended 3/9/2012: Upon boxing up the subwoofer, I discovered a small ding on the back corner, by the amplifier panel. I have changed the condition rating from a "9" to an "8", and dropped the price accordingly. The ding is cosmetic, but the sub is no longer perfect, and there you have it.
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