Pass LabsAleph 1.2 Mono BlocHere's a great buy on a nice pair of the wonderful Pass Labs Aleph 1.2 200 watt pure class A mono amplifiers! Here's an excerpt from the Stereophile review by Steven Stone: "So, did the Pass Ale...5250.00

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Here's a great buy on a nice pair of the wonderful Pass Labs Aleph 1.2 200 watt pure class A mono amplifiers! Here's an excerpt from the Stereophile review by Steven Stone: "So, did the Pass Aleph 1.2 live up to my exalted expectations? Perhaps that's more my problem than yours—expectations get in the way of accurate assessments. The Aleph 1.2 is certainly the most musically seductive high-power amplifier I've ever experienced. It's capable of turning any attempt at serious left-brain listening into a glorious right-brain bacchanalia. For those audiophiles convinced that only tubes can permit excursions into musical ecstasy, the Pass 1.2 may have them boogieing in their kilts. If I listened to music soley for pleasure, I'd buy a pair of 1.2s in a heartbeat. Like superior tube amplifiers, the Aleph 1.2's colorations are subtractive and superbly musical. "Like the Pass Aleph 0, which Dick Olsher called "the solid-state amplifier of the decade" (Stereophile, March '95, p.88), the Aleph 1.2 makes it possible for audiophiles to have the best of all worlds: musicality, dimensionality, brawn, and low maintenance, all in one two rather weighty black boxes. If you purchase any high-power tube amp without auditioning an Aleph 1.2, you've failed to fully investigate your options. The Pass Aleph 1.2 is a class-A solid-state amp that reduces the gap between silicon and glass from a yawning chasm to a thin, glowing blue line. " - Steven Stone, Stereophile Description from the owners manual, written by Nelson Pass: "The Aleph 1.2 is the most powerful of the newest generation of amplifiers from Pass Labs. This design results from my commitment to create the best sounding product, a simple circuit having the most natural characteristic. The Aleph 1.2 integrates power Mosfet devices and pure single ended Class A operation in a simple two-gain-stage topology with the sole purpose of recreating subjectively natural sound. "The Aleph 1.2 is unique in a number of ways: Unlike the early Aleph amplifiers, it operates in pure single-ended mode over its entire operating region, and does not incorporate a “pull” stage for additional current beyond its bias point. When the single-ended output Mosfets (two groups of twelve in parallel) reach cutoff, the amplifier clips. "Most amplifiers on the market have between five and eight gain stages in series between the input and the output. The Aleph 1.2 has but two, and enjoys a very direct path from input to output, further enhancing the purity of the circuit and the resulting sound. Early Aleph amplifiers have three gain stages. "The output stage of the Aleph 1.2 is a unique blend of traditional design and innovation addressing the unique requirements of loudspeakers. Previous methods of loading the output stage have used networks consisting of resistors, coils, transformers, and active current sources, all of which offer an optimal load line based on a resistive load. The Aleph 1.2 has a current source topology which optimizes performance for a wide range of impedance and reactance in the load, improving all aspects of performance into real loudspeakers. Pass Labs has a US patent pending on this output stage topology. "The Aleph 1.2 is unique in that there are no adjustments of any kind in the circuitry. There are no potentiometers to adjust. The operating parameters of bias currents and DC offset and so on are defined by physical constants, and will not go out of adjustment. "Most important, the Aleph 1.2 brings a new dimension to the recreation of subjective sonic reality. The amplifier delivers detail and subjective space rarely found in semiconductor circuits, coupled with the authority and clarity rarely found in tube amplifiers." Nelson Pass ********************************************************************************************************************* SEE ALL OF OUR GREAT VALUES IN NEW, USED AND DEMO GEAR! VISIT US ONLINE AT: HTTP://WWW.GCAUDIO.COM/PRODUCTS/STEALS.HTML ********************************************************************************************************************* Credit cards or PayPal Accepted, please add 3.5%
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