Pass LabsX2.5 Class A fully balancedPass Labs X2.5 Class A fully balanced preamp - see photoPass Labs X2.5 Class A line stage preamplifier, silver finish, in excellent condition. The X2.5 is an ultra high quality full-featured stereo preamplifier including stepped electronic volume contro...1495.00

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Pass Labs X2.5 Class A fully balanced preamp - see photo [Expired]

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Pass Labs X2.5 Class A line stage preamplifier, silver finish, in excellent condition. The X2.5 is an ultra high quality full-featured stereo preamplifier including stepped electronic volume control, the Pass Super Symmetry MOSFET design, four sets of inputs. Two of the four inputs can be used single ended or balanced. The other two inputs are single-ended only. It has both balanced XLR and single-ended RCA outputs, a tape loop, and remote control. The tape loop has single-ended and balanced inputs and outputs. There are two Gain function settings, +4dB/+14dB, to allow the preamp to match a variety of sources, amps and speakers. The full function remote control duplicates the front panel’s volume controls. It is made from billet aluminum and exudes a sense of class and robustness that you don’t get from many remote-equipped audio products these days. The X2.5 is highly regarded and has received rave reviews. Here are some highlights: Ultra Audio: "The first thing that struck me about the X2.5 was its deafening silence ... this thing is a magic wand concerning the subtle and not-so-subtle distortions imparted by other preamps. What is left is the feeling of a direct connection to the music; a rare blend of musical of involvement that is both visceral and intellectual ... Much like its sibling X Series amplifiers, the X2.5 renders images with fantastic dimensionality and an uncanny sense of separation within the soundstage ... Another defining quality of the X2.5 would have to be its way with the bass. The X2.5 has harnessed its open and dimensional midband to a B-1 bomber of bass control and extension. This thing opens the throttle to the lower registers where lesser products flameout, flattening dynamics and restricting bass extension ... If you are looking for a preamp you and your system can grow with, one that won’t cause more problems than it cures, look no further. The Pass Labs X2.5 is a seriously grown-up component ... my time with the X2.5 made one hell of an impression that is sure to linger fondly in my mind for some time to come." Stereo Times: "The low noise floor of the X2.5 allows for subtle ambient details like the slow fade of instruments and vocals to sound more real ... It has a wonderful ability to define space within the soundstage and render it with the subtlest details at any volume level, without imposing restriction on detail or dynamic power ... The control of transients and dynamics that the X2.5 brought to my system is amazing. The curt trumpet blows are sharp and very natural sounding but not bright or piercing. The horns and piano explode from the speakers into the listening room with excellent imaging and separation, it is very easy to visualize the location of each musician in this three-man band. The acoustic bass is reproduced with a precision and speed." Enjoy the Music: "As I expected from Pass Labs, the X2.5 preamp is a first-rate audiophile product. If you want to get that Pass pedigree and save a few dollars over its bigger brothers, buy the X2.5." The preamp is in excellent condition and conservatively rated '8'. It will come with the original Pass Labs box, internal packing material, a copy of the owner's manual, and a detachable IEC power cord which can be upgraded. The isolation cones shown in the photo are not included. Please check out the matching Pass Labs X150 power amplifier also for sale at Audiogon.
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