Peachtree AudioiNovaPeachtree Audio iNova Tube Hybrid Integrated Amplifier and DAC, Black. Good condition, minor scratches on the top (can be buffed out). The iNova features an 80 watt per channel amplifier, class ...1075.00

Peachtree Audio iNova Integrated/DAC/iPod Dock [Expired]

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Peachtree Audio iNova Tube Hybrid Integrated Amplifier and DAC, Black. Good condition, minor scratches on the top (can be buffed out). The iNova features an 80 watt per channel amplifier, class A tube preamp, high-resolution digital- to- analog converter, class A headphone amplifier and a PURE DIGITAL iPod dock. The iNova takes the best from the award-winning Peachtree Audio Nova integrated amplifier and improves it! The upgrades are notable if you want the very best from your iPod, if you want the best resolution possible for computer audio or from streaming devices like Apple TV, Sonos and many others now on the market. * The USB input supports 24/96 without the need of loading external drivers. * The coaxial and optical inputs now support bit-perfect 24/192. * The amplifier is beefed up with the best capacitors and has punchier bass and better high-end extension. * Our Pure Digital iPod dock was added. The iNova preamplifier section employs a Class A 6N1P tube output stage that smooths the harsh digital edge. You can run a separate amplifier or subwoofer from the pre-out RCA outputs if more power or bass is needed. The preamp maintains a high level of detail while taming digital music regardless of the codec. The iNova features a 24/96 USB input for your computer, plus two coaxial and two optical inputs delivering up to 24/192 resolution for other digital sources like Squeezebox, Apple TV, Airport and Sonos. It also offers two analog inputs for docking stations, CD players, tape decks or phono preamps. The iNova preamplifier covers the bases like no other product! We then couple this with an 80 watt per channel ST MOSFET amplifier in the final stage, achieving a highly musical "analog" sound. Reviews: "Overall, the iNova is truly an outstanding audio product with a near world class DAC, and I can’t think of anything else that will provide such musicality and versatility at a middling price. I really enjoyed and had a lot of fun with the iNova not only because of its multiple functions, but also because it introduced me to quality computer audio. Given the price versus features and performance index the value is sky high. Plus it’s so darn cute! All of which garners a strong recommendation for audition. " - Paul Mah, Stereo Times iNova Specifications: Amplifier: 80 Watts per Channel <1% Distortion into 6 Ohms ST MOSFET Amp Modules Sigma Servo Internal Wiring Configuration Preamplifier: Hybrid Tube Design Using Triode (Stereo 6n1p) 7.0V Output at 2.0V Input <1 Ohm at Output Stage Class A Output Stage Polypropylene Caps in the signal path Headphone Amplifier (Shared with the Pre-Out Stage) Suitable for All Electro-dynamic Headphones Output impedance: <1 Ohm Maximum Output Power:100Mw/8 Ohms/300Mw/150 Ohms/150Mw/300 Ohms Class A Output Stage 6N1P Vacuum Tube in Circuit Digital to Analog Converter (DAC): 6 Digital Inputs: 1 USB, 2 Coax, 2 Optical, 1 iPod Dock ESS 9016 Sabre DAC USB 24Bit/96kHz SPDIF 24Bit/192kHz 11 Regulated Power Supplies Class A Output Stage Transformer-Coupled Digital Inputs Galvanically Isolated USB Stage >122dB Signal to Noise Ratio without Tube <3 Picoseconds Jitter Measured at the Master Clock Dimensions: 5 x 14.75 x 14 (inches) Weight: 26 lbs ******************************************************************************************************************* SEE ALL OF OUR GREAT VALUES IN NEW, USED AND DEMO GEAR! VISIT US ONLINE AT: HTTP://WWW.GCAUDIO.COM/PRODUCTS/STEALS.HTML *************************************************************************************************************** Credit cards or PayPal Accepted, please add 3.5%
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